3 Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Plus Size Costume Ideas, Zaftig Times
Three 10 minute or less plus size costume ideas! Simple, fun, done!

Hooray! It’s Halloween time again! So many fun parties, outings, and what not to be had…it can be overwhelming, right? Good news for you, you probably have a costume in your closet already, but you don’t realize it. I rarely purchase my costumes. Instead, I shop my closet and just see what happens. For this post, I did no prior planning. I allotted myself just 10 minutes per costume. I have to say, it was a lot of fun. Although, I think t would have been more fun with a friend to play dress up with. For me, costumes have always started with make-up; I find it inspiring. So that is what I did here, too. Ready? Okey dokey, let’s go!

Fat Barbie

Plus Size Halloween Ideas, Zaftig Times
Need some Halloween inspiration? Fun & Simple Plus Size Halloween ideas.

I happen to have a small collection of costume wigs and this is my favorite one. I wore it last year for my Homage to Wonderland Costume, too. For the sake of time, I think a wig can come in really handy. Originally, I named this “80s Prom”, but my hubby said it looked more like a fat Barbie, so I decided to run with it. I have to admit, due to my tattoos, I think this could also be a “porn star” costume too…not sure how I feel about that.

Plus Size Costume Ideas, Zaftig Times
80s Prom Plus Size Halloween Costumes Idea from Zaftig Times

Date Night Zombie

Plus Size Halloween Ideas from Zaftig Times
Zombie Hotness! So easy and fun, too!

This one was probably my favorite. One of the cool things is that you could be any kind of zombie you want, right? I went for Date Night Zombie for the sake of simplicity, but you could do anything! Last year, I made my hubby a “Zombie on Vacation” (complete with Hawaiian shirt and straw hat). All together, this took 5 minutes.

Plus Size Zombie Zaftig Times
Messy hair+crazy make up = smoking hot zombie.

Cave Woman

Plus Size Cave Woman Costume Zaftig Times
Channeling my inner Betty Rubble for this plus size cave woman idea

This is literally a piece of fabric wrapped around me over a black swim suit. For the sake of time (8 minutes on this one), I didn’t pin it, but I advise you to. The “pelt” is a vintage stole. I opted for minimal make-up, just some bronzer and a touch of lipstick. Simple, right?

You may notice, I didn’t fill in my brows, use mascara, or eyeliner. That was a choice I made for speed. Of course, have you the time, you could enhance these ideas. In a pinch, however, you can seriously be out the door in less than 15 minutes!

3 plus size halloween costume ideas, Zaftig Times
3 Ten Minute of Less Plus Size Costume Ideas

Want another great idea? Go see my #UntamedStyle sister, Vanessa! She’s brilliant and terribly inspiring.


3 thoughts on “3 Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costumes

  1. Totally BADASS!!!!! Love it too much! I have been procrastinating my arse off about a party tomorrow and am in the middle of making my costume! But for the next Halloween opp, I am totally rocking a Cave Woman Michie Style! Stole and all! xoxoxo LOVE this!

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