Natural Remedies for Cold Season

Natural remedies for children with a cold
Poor kid…looks like she needs some of Mom’s special remedies. Natural medicine for our family.

Sick kids…ugh. It’s the worst, right? As a mom, when my kids are feeling ill, I ache until they’re better (partially from love, partially from all the extra work!). That being said, I am not a fan of pumping medicines into children, or any member of our family. Though, I must admit, I have not always been this way. For most of my life I was a “gimme medicine” kind of girl. My personal journey has carried me towards natural remedies now, whenever possible.


There are two things I want to make clear before I share my remedies. Firstly, I am not a doctor, nurse, or any other kind of expert. These are things I have learned from books, blogs and old ladies. Secondly, I am aware that the oils I am using are not “the best”, but there seem to work for our purposes so far and they are what we can afford. Okay, now that I’ve said that, here we go!

Kitchen Witch Oil Blend (Antibacterial/Antiviral)

effective antibacterial, antiviral oil blend, kitchen witch
Want to keep the germs at bay during cold and flu season? Try my Kitchen Witch Blend ( antibacterial / antiviral oil blend)

I first heard about thieves oil about three years ago. What interested me was the history of it. From what I gather, the name comes from the time of the bubonic plague. As people were dying from the horrible outbreak, robbers would cover themselves in rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, etc…to stave off the sickness while the pillage the homes of the dead. There’s more details available online, google if you’re curious. Now, it seems Young Living Oils has registered the name “Thieves” Oil, so I’m not calling my blend by that name. It bears mentioning, their blend is suitable for digestion and my oils are not. Here’s a link to theirs, if you are interested. Here’s how I did it:

  • 54 drops Clove Bud Oil
  • 15 drops Rosemary Oil
  • 27 drops Eucalyptus Oil
  • 30 drops Cinnamon Leaf Oil
  • 55 drops Lemon Oil

Some of these oils are what they call “hot oils” (meaning they will feel hot on your skin); so I dilute the mixture with almond oil or even olive oil, if that is what’s handy. I use this on the soles of our feet twice a day. Why on the feet? Honestly, I don’t entirely understand how it works…but it does! It’s also great to apply diluted Eucalyptus Oil to the soles of the feet to stop a cough. Honest! I have also read this is wonderful in a diffuser to clean the air of germs, or just rub it between your palms like a hand sanitizer, then cup your hands over your nose & mouth and inhale.

Detox Bath

detoxbath recipe
At the first sign of a cold or flu, pop into the tub with this detox bath recipe.

This recipe changes from time to time, depending on the symptoms. This week, my son came down with a wicked cold that is being passed around his classroom. I popped him in the tub two days in a  row, for 20 minutes each time, and the cold was GONE! It should be noted, he felt better after the first bath, but I did the second one for good measure. Speaking of measure, I eyeball this recipe, so feel free to do the same.

  • approx 1/4 cup baking soda
  • approx 1 cup Epsom salts
  • approx 1/2 apple cider vinegar
  • approx 12-15 drops Eucalyptus Oil
  • approx 8-10 drops Clove Oil

I have them stay in there for about 20 minutes, making sure to not get the water on their faces (could sting the eyes). The aromatics from the oil can ease breathing, and the salts, vinegar & baking soda will be doing their thing to pull the sick out.

Cough & Throat Soother

Natural remedy for sore throat and cough
Not only does this sooth a sore throat and help a cough, but it tastes amazing, too!

This one, is so common, you have probably tried it yourself. In fact, it is so common and so effective, pharmaceutical companies have been making their own versions for years (complete with a list of ingredients I can’t pronounce!). The only difference in mine, is that I add sage. It has anti-inflamatory properties and can be great to sooth a sore throat. Mix it all together in a small jar (it will keep for days) and take a spoonful as needed. If you prefer, you can also make this into a hot tea.

  • Juice of one lemon (organic preferred)
  • 3-5 sage leaves (depending on size) muddled
  • 3-4 tablespoons of raw honey

Again, I am not a doctor. I respect them and the wonders of modern medicine. Truly! When the chips are down, and things get really, really scary when it come to illness, we head the doctor. But when it comes to common ailments, I think most of them can be handled at home. I am learning as I go, but these three have really worked for our family. Do you know any great old medicinal recipes? I’d love to hear about them! Also, if this is your sort of thing, you might want to follow this board on Pinterest.


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