Next Workshop

Embracing the Goddess on 4/20/19 at 12:00 pm PST. Enrollment is $40, payable via PayPal only. Workshop will take place via Facebook live in a private group, and is also available to be watched later for two weeks.

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I offer several workshops written and developed for solitary witches that take usually place via private Facebook groups or YouTube Live.

Workshops Offered

  • Workshops for Witches: like a witchy 101 covering our her-story, basic tools, introduction to deities, a guided meditation, and a discussion around what it means to be a modern witch.
  • Self Love for Witches: based on my theory of “A witch who doubts herself works with borrowed power, at best”. This workshop covers how self love relates to witchery, spells and practices for self love, and a guided meditation.
  • Embracing the Goddess: A discussion around pre-patriarchy practices, what is the Divine Feminine, goddesses, and a guided meditation.
  • Herbalism for Beginners: Exploring useful, safe, and versatile herbal remedies. Coming soon.

Testimonials from previous attendees:

” I have attended two of Michelle’s beautiful workshops, Embracing the Goddess and Self Love for Witches, and I am so grateful I did. Her workshops, from the guided meditation to all of the information that she has so lovingly researched and shared, are just so AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to gain knowledge, whether they are just coming into their spiritual journey or if they have been on their path for a while.” ~ Samantha
I love attending glitter in the dirt’s workshops whenever possible. Her knowledge is extensive, she is easy to relate to and understand. She makes you feel comfortable within your craft.” ~Alex
Over the past couple of years I have attended three of Michelle’s workshops and have left each one feeling empowered, spiritually nourished, and creatively inspired. The first YouTube live workshop, We the Wild Women, offered a social platform for Witches across the globe, which, for a long time, was something I struggled with, resulting in a deep feeling of isolation. The second, Embracing the Goddess, was a skype session with a more intimate space of four or five participants, giving us freedom to have organic discussions and learn together. The most recent workshop I attended, also on the theme of Embracing the Goddess, was packed full of Witchy wisdom and warmth. Michelle’s ability to share knowledge in a way that is creatively stimulating, and her rawness and openness regarding her personal experience, is liberating. I feel blessed to be apart of the world-wide Witch community Michelle has helped introduced me to. ” ~ Sky