Plus Size Costumes and Chaos. Crawl-O-Ween 2013 .

Plus Size Halloween Costume. Zaftig Times.
Many Alice Characters Rolled Into One

This past Saturday was our third official Curvy Cocktails event. If you’re not familiar, you can read about it here and here. Our main goal is to get to know the other fabulous plus sized women in the Los Angeles area and provide a fun and empowering group. Each time we have an event I am surprised not only by how much fun we have, but how much everyone else wants to be part of it with us!

You might think a group of costumed plus size beauties such as ourselves might be gawked at or made fun of as we creepy-crawled our way through downtown, but it was quite the opposite! Strangers chatted with us, some people actually followed along behind us (just knowing we were having a ball) and even a friendly police officer got in on the action. And I must say, I saw many, many fellas checking out my gal pals along the way.

Curvy Cocktails Crawl-o-ween
I have Pia (of Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick) my co-host and dear friend to thank for this.

Let’s not forget to check out these amazing costumes! My girlfriends pulled out all the stops! And you’ll notice nobody came as a “sexy” anything. Just awesome, creative and clever costumes!

Curvy Cocktails Crawl-O-Ween
Vanessa of Sweet Leigh. She MADE this!!!! Complete with decaying flesh.

Curvy Cocktails Crawl-o-Ween
Yes she DID come as Mrs. T!!!!!
Curvy Cocktails Crawl-O-Ween
With the beautiful Melissa Rose (Ms. Plus California)

Curvy Cocktails Crawl-O-Ween
Curvy Cocktails Crawl-O-Ween
Best Costume Winner!!Β  Stylist Melinda Alexander of MuMu Mansion.

And as all wonderful nights progress, things started to get a little crazy.

Curvy Cocktails Crawl-O-Ween
We may or may not have been chased off these steps moments later by security.

Curvy Cocktails Crawl-O-Ween
Even the undead eat fresh πŸ˜‰

In closing, I am sending out a HUGE thank you to the wonderful women and my darling husband (our token male) for making this such a blast! I think this now needs to be an annual thing.

To this of you who were too far away to join us, or maybe you’re just hearing about this now, I encourage you to start your own events and gatherings! You would not believe what a wonderful feeling it is to get a group of women this like minded and good hearted together for some fun.

Until next time!

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