Be Grateful, Fuckers

Okay, so that title may seem a bit harsh. I know. But here’s the thing:

We really need to be grateful every god damned day

The words grateful, gratitude, blessing, etc…are ubiquitous in our society (by our society I specifically mean open hearted, third eyed, nature loving, world changing, sorts. i.e.: probably anyone who reads this blog is one of us). However, I think sometimes the act of being grateful gets in the way of actual & profound gratitude. For instance, I recently saw a lovely IG post featuring a garden with butterflies and newly sprouting plants. This post was about gratitude; specifically it was a very public thank you for the lovely day that person was having. I double tapped and smiled, feeling some small shimmer of the poster’s original gratitude. Later I found myself looking around my home for something lovely & profound about which I could profess my own deep gratitude. I did so, and it was lovely. I truly was grateful an happy to share it. In fact, I hoped it might inspire someone else to do the same, thus spreading joy & gratitude around the globe.

Then…a day or two later, I was assailed by intense and immobilizing back pain. Holy shit, you guys. It hurt. It hurt badly. I then proceeded to spend the next 6 days practically bedridden. It was in these days that I had, not an epiphany, but a moment of practical clarity. You know that old platitude, “hey, at least you have your health”? That kept repeating over and over in my mind. In fact I did not have my health, and it sucked.


I took that time and I spent much of it thinking about gratitude, and what we should regularly be grateful for. Good health, of course. because without it, things are pretty crappy. Good food. Not food worthy of a photo, but real food; foods made with love and offering sustenance and healing. Quiet love and friendship. Again, not the kind of BFF cutie pie friendship we see so blatantly plastered on social media. I’m talking about the friendship between spouses; that glue that holds together all the passion and romance. Or that of a friend who visits in their pjs and brings cookies to brighten your day. True friendship. The love of a child. When you aren’t well, and they know it, and they just want to be near you; as if they are offering their own vibrant health to you in support. Having a home to rest and recuperate in.

I felt these things. I honoured them. I sat with them.

I did not make numerous social media posts about them. I didn’t need to. They were potent enough to be a solo act. No need to others to double tap their approval of my feelings & experience.

Save the Bees!

I have felt true gratitude again, and I hope the feeling stays with me. And I hope that, in your quiet moments, you are able to find it within yourselves. Because it is powerful and uplifting, and even humbling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some IG, and may even possibly have a small addiction to it. But there is not denying that life is, in fact, more vivid, more delicious, more alive, if you just live it. Good or bad, real life beats virtual life.

Just be Grateful

I dedicate this post to my husband Shawn, who never reads my blog. Thank you, my love, my sunshine, for caring for me when I could not.


2 thoughts on “Be Grateful, Fuckers

  1. I often feel when I am whisked away by a good time with friends that I should be posting it to share with others, but then I stop and think “why?” why do I feel this urge. Because it proves I have friends and had a good time? no. Because I need to prove to people that I’m “cool”? nope! I know I’m cool in my own nerdy way. Do I want to share with the world how much I love and cherish the time I get to sped with them? actually no, no I don’t want to share it, I want to keep it all to myself!
    So I find I always skip over posting about those intimate moments with friends and my love. It almost feels like if I were to capture those moments that I am so grateful for and publish them for the masses that it would sully the moment, cheapen it. So instead, I focus on posting my solo crap online and keep my special moments for me and lock the up in my heart and memory.

    I want so badly for some of these moments and times for us! I’m seriously considering telling Col I’m going away for a couple days to run away to you.

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