Post Samhain Blues….What’s a Witch to Do?

Untitled design(12)I know I am not the only one who feels this way, right? In fact, I am sure heaps of people, around the world feel the same. It is, after all, Halloween is the very best of holidays; and I hate that it just ends….so quickly and then Christmas is shoved down our commercial & consumer American throats. For those of us who follow the wheel of the year, this is actually our new years. I was never really one for new year’s celebrating. I mean, really…the calendar flips and life is supposed to start anew? I don’t think so.

Witch's Wheel of the YearHowever, the idea that now, as the leaves fall, the nights grow longer, and the air starts to chill, it is time to mark the end of the year makes total sense to me. Can’t you already feel it, that turning in? The pull to be home and be quiet? It is the very best time of year. All this being said, it is understandable to be bummed that Halloween has ended and now we have to wait and wait and wait for Yule. Boo.  So I have my own little way to just eek out a tad more Samhain tradition.

Getting over the post samhain malaiseOkay, okay, I will admit that this is not glamorous…or even fun; but I love me some tradition. As a self proclaimed Kitchen Witch just about everything magical I do takes place in, you guessed it, my kitchen. So on November 1st I plan to spend a few good hours in my kitchen cleansing and blessing. I mean doesn’t that just sound right? New year, clean kitchen, good witch! And then, of course, there’ll be some grand cooking going down in my freshly cleaned kitchen that night.

tumblr_mpbylyiUIG1ronxaxo1_500So what about you? Do you have a post Samhain/Witches New Year tradition? I’d love to hear about it if you have. Samhain blessings to all!


2 thoughts on “Post Samhain Blues….What’s a Witch to Do?

  1. I know it’s unorthodox, but I don’t consider Samhain to truly end until American Thanksgiving. The entire period from October 31 to the fourth Thursday in November is filled with harvest festivals that are all about getting together with family, remembering departed loved ones and hunkering down for the winter. So I consider Halloween and Thanksgiving to be “bookends” for the same sacred period.

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