Lammas and the Blue Moon


I am so excited! Tonight we have a glorious Blue Moon and tomorrow is Lammas! It just feels so special to me. This is my first official celebration of Lammas, so of course I did some research. As it turns out, the translation of Lammas is loaf mass day. Silly as it may sound, it makes total sense to me. This is the time of year when the earliest of harvesting is done. Reaping the rewards of the year’s work. Like many pagan celebrations this is about being in harmony with the earth, being thankful for it’s bounty & celebrating with a feast.


In my mind, I imagine the perfect Lammas would be a day spent in the garden or out on your farm, followed by lots of cooking, eating and laughter. However… I just moved and my garden is tiny. Sooooooo…not much harvesting to be done. So what’s an urban solo witch to do!?!?!


Believe it or not, Pinterest is a wonderful resource for a solitary. Sure there’s a bunch of hullabuloo and junk there, but there’s also soooooo much wonderful information and inspiration there, too. After a bit of reading and searching, I have managed to cobble together what I expect to be an appropriate and enjoyable celebration plan.

One of the great things about being a solitary practitioner is building my own traditions. However, one of the downsides to being a solitary practitioner is not getting to share the experience with anyone. My darling husband has graciously agreed to celebrate with me this time. He’s an atheist, and you know how they can be (how can they see where they’re going whilst always looking down their noses at the world, right?!? Kidding!!) ; but with the promise of my happiness & lots of food, he was in.


Lammas is heavily linked to bread & honey. Sounds yummy, right? I, personally, don’t eat a lot of bread. So I’m focusing on fresh produce & wine. The loose plan for my day is simply this:

*hit up the farmers market to buy fresh organic fruits & veggies
*work in my tiny garden
*feed the wild animals at my local park
*spend the late afternoon cooking & preparing our dinner with love & intention
*be happy & grateful

That’s it. Simple, simple, simple.


As for that Blue Moon, I plan to spend time tonight under its glory centering myself. This is a wonderful time to set your intentions for a large scale goal, charge your crystals & tools, or simply seek guidance. If you ask the moon and really listen, she has the answers. Tonight is also a great time to use your tarot cards for insight. I found this Lammas spread today and think I’ll try it out.


I wish you well on this special weekend, friends. Even if you’re not a “witch”, this is a wonderful time to center yourself, listen to yourself, and find some clarity.

Side note: this post was made from my phone, so if it looks crazy, I’m sorry.


One thought on “Lammas and the Blue Moon

  1. Hope you enjoyed your celebration, we certainly enjoyed your post and thank you for including that ‘Lammas spread’ for the Tarot. As for your non-believing husband’s participation, we’ve actually seen a few athiests (bloggers, etc) who observe the wheel of the year as a series of secular festivals, enjoying the seasons and cycles of the earth, in a naturalistic way, but obviously without any religious/occult aspects. Lammas-tide blessings be with you, and may your own harvest be bountiful.


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