Manifesting with Moon Magic

tumblr_m0nero18jh1qizhaoo1_500I think we have established that I love the moon. I feel drawn to it. I take comfort in it. I look to it for guidance. When you are using the moon’s power for magic and/or manifesting (whatever term you’re most comfortable with) it is important to make sure the moon is in the proper phase for what you want to accomplish. Here’s a simple cheat sheet:

moon phase magic
image from Everything Under the Moon

As I shared last month, I was in a funk. Depression alert level 10. Bad news. When I realized there would be two full moons in the month of July, I knew the time to heal myself had come. On the first full moon, I set my intention to heal my soul. In a conversation with a friend, the idea came to me to place a jug of water under them moon and set my intent upon it. My thoughts being that between my own personal power and that of the moon I could manifest some real healing power. It turns out, this is not an uncommon practice, but I had not heard or read about it before.

Being the practical Kitchen Witch that I am, I didn’t use a fancy vessel or anything. I just grabbed a large, clear jug and got to work. I set my jug, filled with purified water, in the full moon’s light, surrounded my candles to represent the four directions. Then, I sat myself in a comfortable chair nearby and set my intention with meditation. It was during this time that the chant I used came to me. Feeling the time was right, I placed my hands on the jar and chanted to the moon. The next morning I brought the jug inside and drank my first glass or magic. I drank one glass each day during the moon’s waning phase, finishing unexpectedly on the day before the new moon. I could feel the magic in it, giving strength to my will to heal myself.

Moon Magic Water SpellI feel confidant this practice could be implemented in many ways, depending on your needs and the phase of the moon.

The next full moon coming on July 31st is a Blue Moon and I am so excited (the last full moon was in 2012)! So I am researcing and working towards a great post to share.

Blue Moon Pencil Tablet Animation


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