4 Free Apps to Help You Meditate

Meditation is supposed to be calming, freeing and uplifting. For me, it has always been frustrating, uncomfortable and elusive. I mean, how does one just shut off their brain and find calm?? I want to be calm and free, don’t you? At the same time, when I try to meditate, my mind runs in circles, my body always wants to leap up and follow said circles, and then everything just falls to hell. Ultimately I would wind up all anxiety filled and needing to calm down even more than when I’d started.


So I started to think about it. The way I see it, meditation is a sensory process. I, personally, am very sensitive to sound. So I decided to seek out a few apps on my trusty old phone to help me out. Here’s what I tried and how they worked for me.

Relax Melodies

4 free apps to help you meditate

The great thing about this app is that it lets you create your own sound combinations. You like wind,birds and a stream? Just a few taps on your phone and you can drift away to your happy place. Or perhaps you prefer to relax to the sounds of a thunderstorm at night alongside a crackling camp fire. No, problem, you can do that too. There’s even a handy timer on there for you at no charge.

For me, this app was a wonderful aid to relaxation and calm, but it never got me to the state of meditation I was seeking. Nevertheless, it’s a wonderful app.

Guided Meditation Mindfulness

4 free apps tp help you meditate

This app allows you to pick your meditation goal. From simple mindful breathing (great for a quick relaxation and centering), to engaging your senses this app has a setting for you. There’s even a setting for dealing with change, and who couldn’t use something like that?

One quick note, you can set each track to loop, but you can not set up a playlist. So when the track is over, it ends and you’ll have to open your eyes and start the next one if you want to continue.

Meditation Music

4 free apps to help you meditateThis app is straight up new age music. Three hours of new age music, to be exact. It’s the kind of thing you’d hear while getting a massage. There’s a timer, which is handy and a few different images you can choose from, though I close my eyes to meditate, so I didn’t see the point (pun intended).


Om Meditation: Mantra Chanting

4 free apps tp help you mediateThere are so many options with this app. There are over twenty chants to choose from. I, personally, went with the initial and simplest chant. In fact, I chanted 159 times and didn’t even know it. Yes, with this app you chant along. I suppose you do not have to, but that’s what worked for me. There’s also an explanation of each chant, what it means, how to do it and other pertinent information. If you are afraid of looking silly, this one might not be for you. For me, it was the most successful. It gave me a 17 minute long meditation that was actually calming and restorative. Success!

So if you think you can’t meditate, why not give these a try? You might just find your inner hippie. I mean, if Don Draper can do it, so can we, right?



5 thoughts on “4 Free Apps to Help You Meditate

  1. girl! you gotta download Deepak Chopra + Oprah 21 Day Mediation challenge app. They are free and they are always doing one! I think one starts next week in fact 🙂 After I tried the challenge I went ahead and bought the meditations to have on my phone always. It’s 15-20 mins and AWESOME! There are studies (https://goo.gl/KzRyQe) that show that meditation can literally transform your brain. This is super beneficial for people with emotional/mental health disorders and can show major improvements. To be honest, I’ve been meditating since February and my brain doesn’t shut off the whole 20 mins.. maybe not even longer then 2 minutes or a few seconds.. but that repeated momentarily ‘shut off’ does a lot of good. Don’t sweat it! Even a little does a lot!

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  2. I used to get up every morning sit on the floor and meditate. I suffer from panic attacks so my doctor suggested that would be a great way to keep my nerves in order. It was hard at first because clearing my thoughts is a BIG challenge– I yap just as much with my mouth than I do with my brain. Lol. Every time I stop I feel the difference, so it has definitely been helpful. I’m going to download all 4 apps and see which one I like best.

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  3. Cool, I have come across apps for anxiety which were essentially affirmations and scenic imagery, but not meditations. I have not meditated in a while and am not in a good place for it at the moment, but will definitely try one of these when I am ready.

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