Walking Away From Social Media

tumblr_inline_nltsoljY3Y1rkf4dxOkay….I’m not walking away forever, but I am taking a break. As I have shared, I’ve been in a funk (my user friendly term for bipolar depression) lately. Social media can be a wonderful escape for us all, but…there’s a fine line. When I find myself only finding joy in other people’s posts, or emoting all over myself because of someone else’s bad day, or when I am just trying to wash away my own feelings by imbibing in other’s….well, it’s time for a break. I have been lazy with my spiritual practices. I have been crabby to my family. I have neglected to care for myself, body & soul. This can not go on.

Yesterday I realized there will be two full moons in July. Two full moons! I instantly felt the time was here for me to focus on myself. With two full moons I can shed what I need to, harvest what I am lacking and have a full cycle of healing. I will be healing myself, caring for family and hopefully reinvigorating my spirit.


Truth be told, this is as far as I have gotten in my plan. I just feel strongly in my center that I need to focus on me, my heart, my mind, my body. That means eliminating distractions. If anything is a major time sucking distraction, it’s social media. I am sure I will still be blogging, I mean…I’ll have all sorts of extra time on my hands after all. I see meditaion, and yoga, and gardening. I see time with my family. I see DIY projects and visits with real life friends. I see peace and love and healing.

So, farewell for now Instagram. TTYL, facebook. Twitter…well, I never really liked you anyway. When I see you again, I hope to be reinvigorated and brimming with positivity, purpose and clarity.

Let the healing begin!

weapons of mass distraction


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