5 Simple Reasons Why I Love My Husband

5 reason why I love my husbandThis weekend, my husband and I will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. He does not really like the idea of purchasing gifts. I, on the other hand, think gifts should be a part of life on a regular basis. So, this year, instead of spending many hours and much more money on buying him the perfect gift to represent my love for him, I’m writing this post. This post is a love letter to him, my best friend, lover, and confidant. Although, to be honest, it’s tough to type while I have tears spilling from my eyes. This is how much I love him; just thinking about it makes me cry. I’m keeping it to 5 reasons, in honor of our fifth year; but I could do this on a daily basis forever, and never finish.Β  If you have a love like this in your life, I encourage you to share it, feel it, grow it, at every opportunity; because it is rare, and beautiful, and precious.

Reason #1: He Makes Me Laugh

5 reasons why I love my husbandI am a moody c-u-n-t quite often. It’s true, he’ll tell you if you ask. When this happens, instead of avoiding me, or letting my funk drag him down, he makes me laugh. He doesn’t even have to try. He just looks at me with his sparkling blue eyes (and yes, the really do sparkle) and I smile…then, I laugh. He is, indeed, funny, too; although I may be one of three people in the world who really know that. He is my comic relief in this life, and I am grateful.

Reason #2: He Accepts Me Completely

5 reasons why I love my husbandThis man, my husband, has an unbelievable ability to just get me. His love & acceptance of me, and all my imperfections, has taught me to love myself for myself. He just loves me (bipolar warts and all) and it is so wonderful. He knows that I am flighty, and just rolls with it. He doesn’t fault me for constantly trying new things, being devoted to these things, and then dropping said things because I have gotten bored. He knows that sometimes I just need to eat a whole bunch of cookies. And he is always willing to let me cry when I need to, and be there when I am done.

Reason #3: He Loves Our Children

5 reasons why I love my husbandThis is a man. Am I right? He’s not one for playing dress up, but for us…he does. His love, dedication to, and patience for, his step-children is so wonderful. When he married me, he accepted that his life would be different. He chose to be part of this craziness and has made our lives so much better for it. 5 years with us, as a member of our Autism journey, and he remains faithfully dedicated to the happiness and wellness of these two beautiful kids.

Reason #4: He Is Willing to Step Out of His Comfort Zone

5 reasons why I love my husbandIn truth, he is pretty down to earth fella. That being said, he has an inspiring sense of play and fun. From Halloween costumes, to silly family pictures, to our adventure day weekends where we just set out and see what happens, to our recent trip to the Renn Faire (his first time, AND in costume because he loves me!), he is always surprising me and I love him for it. His heart and mind are always so open. It’s really an amazing thing to see.

Reason #5: He Inspires Me Be My Best Self

5 reasons why I love my husbandWe took this photo just a minute or two after we were married…in Las Vegas….at a drive-thu . I don’t think either of us knew what we were in for; we just knew we had to be together. We have both changed, and grown, and know each other and ourselves much better now. He has inspired me to have integrity, to listen to my heart, to not be so serious, to be more responsible, to trust, to truly love with abandon, and to let myself be loved. He never pushes or judges, but he is always honest and clear. He helped me rebuild my broken self, and I will never, ever be able to thank him enough.

He is my everything.

5 reasons why I love my huband

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