Female Body Hair. To Shave or Not to Shave?


This is one of those posts where I’m not so much taking a stance, as thinking and questioning. Note: if you are a relative of mine of my husband’s I’d stop reading now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let's talk about body hairI have never been a big fan of body hair removal. I understand why I, as a woman, am expected to remove/shape all the hair on my body into an enticingly sensual and socially acceptable nothingness; but it’s sooooooooo tedious and often painful. I remember the first time I shaved my legs. Well, truthfully, my mom did it for me. I was 10, and had been teased within an inch of my life for weeks (thanks grammer school mean girls). It took her at least half an hour, and no less than four pink Bic Lady Shavers to get the job done. As soon as I was done, I headed to my room, grabbed my short-shorts and a blanket and set up camp on my front lawn with a juice box; feeling glamorous on a Monroe level. Then just a few days later…stubble. And so began decades upon decades of waging war on my body hair.

I suppose shaving our legs is a right of female passage. My own daughter (only 8!) is already asking about it; makes me cringe. I won’t lie to you, I love the almost slippery goodness of my freshly shaved and moiusturized legs. I totally get why men and many women want that shit to be on point at all times. Who has the time? Of course, it’s not just about the legs. Nope. We’re talking underarms, lips, chins, brows, arms, and of course our precious dainty lady parts. For the record, as I type this, my own lady parts are bald as a cue ball (a welcome home surprise for my hubby after a long trip). I will also tell you, I almost never do it because I hate it. But hey, sometimes you gotta shake things up a little.

tumblr_inline_mn0n07ZNiG1rbumi6I guess what I have been thinking about is how silly it all is. I mean, is our female body hair truly so disgusting that we must shave/wax/pluck ourselves back to pre-pubescence to be found sexy? I’m going to guess not. I know for a fact, he wants to get up on this; hair or no hair. I am sexy as hell. So why do I do it? Why do we do it? Sure we can say “I do it for myself”, or “I just don’t feel comfortable with leg/underarm hair”, or whatever else we need to hear to make it all okay. I’d wager, if they’re being honest, most women would much rather let that shit go and get on with the rest of their lives if they could. I mean, I don’t know about you, but for me…that shit can take up a whole afternoon.

shaving is tediousLast weekend, while chatting with my tribe of glorious women, we hit this topic briefly. We were all in agreement that it’s an accepted pain in the ass. In days when I was more concerned about people’s opinions, I even shaved my arms on the regular; for fear that I wasn’t feminine enough. I still do this on occasions, but just because it makes my tattoos look amazeballs. As much as I loathe it, I keep shaving, keep plucking, keep depilitating. BUT WHY????? You guys, my vag. hurts. I just know I’m going to have an ingrown hair, and the itch?!?!?! The worst! I told you, I don’t have a stance here. Just questions.

lady_gaga_face_palm_gifI haven’t even really touched the facial hair thing here, either. I had the unfortunate luck to be around in the 90s during the pencil brow craze. My once full brows have never recovered. Lip hair? Heaven to Betsy! You can’t be a lady with lip hair! Oh wait, yes you can. Frida Khalo anyone? Again, I admit to getting rid of that shit regularly, along with my 4 chin hairs. I’m not sure of my impotent rage comes from my feminist core or just plain laziness, but it’s real. Frida, I salute you,your brows, and your ability to be fabulously self empowered.

Female Facial Hair

What do you guys think? Is this a feminist issue? A personal care issue? Or just “part of being a woman”? While we are on the subject, Men, please let it go. I ,for one, like a man with a hairy chest. Embrace your manliness and let it go. Just say no to chest waxing.

say no to male waxing


8 thoughts on “Female Body Hair. To Shave or Not to Shave?

  1. This is so funny. My interest in my own body is totally about releativity. I shave when I feel like there is too much going on with my body for me to manage. When I am on my period I tend to trim up my pubic area. In summer my pits are shaved out of convenience to avoid lasting odor from sweat on long days out in the sun. I literally shave for convenience and sometimes as a self indulgence. Sometimes you just have to get tactile with yourself and rub those silky. Other times its OCD like. I can pick every unwanted hair from my brow and mustache given the time and motivation. It’s pretty OCD…. Self grooming for me which sometimes includes hair removal is so very much about self care. Even when I’m in a relationship with someone I am one of those people who will groom their partner. They just need to beware that OCD thing.

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    1. Clearly I have weird typo gaps here and my OCD wil not let it be. 1. The gifs are so funny, the subject matter so timely! 2. I have relative interest in my own body hair! not body, body hair! I am in the middle of a Body Love journey! 😀 Sometimes I have to rub those silky shaved legs together. 🙂 That’s always fun….

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  2. THANK YOU! I feel like I am always pondering this crap.

    Full disclosure: I was privileged with blonde, slow growing hair and often didn’t give much thought to having to shave my legs much more than 4 times a year, I know, i suck. But as I age, the hair becomes insidious and thickens, darkens and starts popping up in new places. BLERG!

    I feel like I am waging a war on facial hair on the daily!

    When it comes to my nether regions { XD } I’m in constant battle of “to shave or not to shave”, currently “not shaved” and I’m considering shaping it now. I try to convince myself I am embracing my womanhood, but in all honesty, I’m just lazy and I don’t wanna and I think, why should I even have to??

    I, the same as you, have no definite stance, I’m just always in flux and trying to figure it out while raging small battles { I’m looking at you chin hairs and eyebrows! }

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  3. Honestly, some days I do some days/months I just don’t lol. I think you should rock your hair however you want it, my only beef is the thought that we HAVE to be waxed/shaved to be considered feminine. That’s bull, hair on my body doesn’t make me any more/less of a woman.
    I do wish I had the balls to dye it though…I want hot pink pit hair! 🙂

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