New Moon Magic


I love the new moon. I know most people are in awe of the glory that is a full moon. I agree, it’s magnificent. The new moon, though, is about starting, beginning, drawing your dreams to you. Each new moon has so much meaning and specific influence over certain signs (hedonistic Libra right here!). Admittedly, I am by no means a source of astrological wisdom. It’s not really my forte. So this post is more about what we can do to harness the energy of the new moon, in general. If you want more information, here’s a great page I found.

New Moon Magic TarotThis is a great time to start setting your intentions, and I find tarot cards to be a wonderful tool. Again, tarot is not my speciality; so I keep it simple. The first step is to set in your mind what it is you want. Better job? Inner peace? More laughter in your life? It’s up to you to figure out what you truly want. Once it’s firm in your mind, shuffle your cards. I like to set out three. The card on the far left represents what I already have in me/in my life that will help me reach my goal. The center card represents potential road blocks. The far right card gives you advice on how to achieve your goal. Simple and effective.

Book of Shadows, Witches DiaryKeeping a record of how/what I do really helps me. I keep notes on tarot spreads, crystals, dreams, herbal remedies, etc…This is what is commonly referred to as a Book of Shadows. For me, that term doesn’t sit quite right. I prefer Magical Diary. Call it what you will, it’s what you put into to it that matters, not what you call it. So on the new moon, write down your goal. Document your tarot spreads, rituals, etc… You might want the information later.

New Moon MagicLighting black candles at sunset on the new moon is a wonderful way to bring the magic into your home. I like to write down my intentions on a second piece of paper and use the candle to burn it; as a means of sending it out to the universe.

#wethewildwomenThe best and final bit of wisdom I have to impart on this subject is to spend time with your tribe. The word used most here would be coven, but I do not have one. I am a solitary and eclectic practitioner.  I do however, have a tribe of truly beautiful, powerful, strong women; who have a varied view on spirituality, but are all very alive and aware. As luck would have it, I planned a get together with them for the upcoming new moon (thought at the time I totally forgot the dates aligned). If you have your own tribe/coven/circle, I encourage you to gather them and bask in the glory of new beginnings and potential that is the new moon.

New Moon Magic. witches tea partyThere’s still two days left before the new moon. Plenty of time to prepare yourself and draw what you want to you. Remember, the magic is in the making. It doesn’t really matter what you do , so long as you do with intention. What do you want to bring to your life?


8 thoughts on “New Moon Magic

  1. I adore the new moon as well!! There are just so many possibilities!

    I downloaded a really simple, pretty app on my ipad, simply called “moon” and it had an image of what stage the moon is at with a starry field as the backdrop that moves ever so slightly and then you can swipe the moon and it downs the percentage that the moon in to being New or Full and how many days until the next one. I set the moon as my lock screen image, so I look at the moon multiple times a day at it;s different stages. It’s somehow very calming. I open the app up at night sometimes when I’m having a hard time sleeping and it just quiets the mind somehow.

    Happy New Moon, lovely!!

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