9 Magical Life Affirmations

Oh this life of mine…some days it’s exhausting and trying. Some days it’s invigorating and life affirming. Every day there is magic in it. Yes, magic! No, there’s not magical animals coming to help me clean my house (I wish!!), or trips to Hogworts. I’m talking about the magic all around us, the magic of nature and just being alive; the magic that floats around us all the time! As I have mentioned, I am currently participating in amazing, life altering, perspective changing, process. One of the things we are supposed to be doing is saying positive things to ourselves in the mirror each day. To me (a girl who did this on the daily for most of my life) it felt pretty normal. However, the affirmations I had googled and was telling myself just didn’t resonate for me. So, today, I had an idea. I would write my own! I would manifest magic and self love and adventure. Then I decided to share it with you guys because it was just too good not to. I plan to keep these in a little jar near my magic mirror and pluck one or two to use each morning.

I am MAGICAL I, myself, am(4) I, myself, am(3) I, myself, am(2) I, myself, ammagical affirmationsmagical affirmationsmagical affirmationsmagical affirmations

Now you try! Print them and pin them to your vision board. Use them as screen savers. Hell, MAKE YOUR OWN if these don’t work for you. I truly believe the magic is in the doing. So go, do, live! Feel the magic inside of you and believe you are drawing magic into you and it will come. This might manifest itself in new job opportunities, better communication skills, amazing & inspiring dreams, finally being about to drop a bad habit…whatever it is you truly want. I love you & I believe in your magic.


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