My Dream Girl Gang. #UntamedStyle

Girl Gang

This month’s group theme with my #UntamedStyle sisters is, you guessed it, Girl Gang in honor of Women’s history month (I like to call it herstory month).  How fun is that?!?! I started to develop an amazing fatshion post, but decided against it due to memories an unfortunate (and awful) impromptu photo shoot of the same theme close to a decade ago. So. Embarrassing. It was then that inspiration struck. I would assemble my very own dream girl gang! (please imagine that with a thunderous and booming voice from above, please, for proper effect)

CalamityJaneThe first woman who popped into my head was Calamity Jane. She was so ahead of her time. So brave. So wild. She was also noted to be extremely kind and caring. I’d like to think she’d have wised up about the waging war against the Native Americans bit, were she a more modern woman. Calamity Jane, was a feminist; and she didn’t even know it.

malala yousafzai quoteI  do not know how any one person can be so young and so wise, or brave for that matter, she is amazing. Malala, just the thought of her, is enough to make everyone brave enough to stand up for what is right.

Jane Austen QuoteI mean, she did give us Mr. Darcy after all. I would just love to sit and chat with her into the wee hours of the morning. As for her place in my girl gang, well every gang needs a feisty tongued, quick witted, member, does it not?

Gloria Stienem QuoteShe is the mother of modern feminism. She is who I credit for making feminism an issue worth talking about in a time when women were little more than pretty accessories and housewives (not to talk poorly abut housewives…I am one myself, after all!). She inspires me on the daily, folks. I baffle how one woman, powerful and prolific as she is, manages to say so many things worth hearing and do so many things worth aspiring towards. She is a modern goddess, a warrior for women, a spirit avenger, a feminist.

Rosa Parks QuoteOh Rosa, the First Lady of Civil Rights. She was brave, tender and so very honest. There are hundreds of quotable statements from her. This one has much experience and reflection in it. She was much more than an incident on a bus. This is a woman who saw injustice and chose to take it on, damn the consequences. She brings tears of love and respect to my eyes whenever I think of her.

Amy Poehler QuoteYeah, my girl gang requires the ability to freely travel through time. Who doesn’t want Amy Poehler to be in their gang (even if it’s just a gang of two!)? She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s bold, she’s all about girl power. She’s everything.

Oh my gosh, I could just go on and on and on….there are so many women throughout history, in the modern world, hell even some in fiction whom I would gladly welcome into my girl gang. Fortunately for me, I have my own small gang of amazing women who inspire me every day. I hope you have one, too. I think female friendship, though perilous at times, is one of the greatest ways to generate and experience power, love and respect. To my friends, “I love you!”. Speaking of amazing women, don’t forget to check out my Untamed Style sisters’ posts, too!






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