Ostara, a Celebration of Life

Blessed OstaraThis Friday is going to be a BIG day. Why, you ask? Well, not only is it Ostara (the spring equinox), but it is also going to be a new moon and there will be a solar eclipse! Talk about power! Here’s a great post from Gala Darling if you want more info about the day, specifically.


As this is my first year truly honoring and observing the eight Sabbats, I don’t have any hard and fast traditions. I’m sort of feeling it out as I go. I had grand plans (as I so often do), but have dialed back a bit for simplicity. At first glance, Ostara might look very similar to Easter. Bunnies, eggs, etc…

Magic Bunnies!

Like so many holidays, first came the pagans, then came the “church”. Ostara has been noted in history since 200 b.c., possibly even further back. This is a celebration of the return of life! It’s also closely associated with fertility. While we’re on that topic, if you’re trying to conceive, you’d best hit the sheets Friday night. That New Moon is all about new beginnings. Imagine, it’s centuries upon centuries ago, you’ve made it through the dark, cold, starving winter, and the sun begins to shine more, green starts to sprout in the forest, wild animals start mating, you just have to celebrate life!

image from: http://www.owlsdaughter.com/2012/03/blessings-of-ostara-happy-equinox/
image from: http://www.owlsdaughter.com/2012/03/blessings-of-ostara-happy-equinox/

I’m keeping the celebrating simple. I’ve made the kids’ each a little basket with two non-gmo plants to start growing (plus a few lil’ fun kid things), we’ll go feed the wild animals in the park before school, and I’m making a glorious meal for dinner filled with fresh seasonal foods and have plans to do some manifesting and tarot. That night, however, I am determined to find myself naked under the amazing sky, just soaking in all the wonderful energy I can. Side note: I live in an apartment, so this might get tricky. I often lament my lot as a solitary witch. On days like this, even more so. I would love nothing more than to dance with wild abandon, laugh, and sing with soul sisters in celebration.

#WeTheWildWomen You needn’t be a “witch” to celebrate Ostara. It is simply honoring the wheel of nature and change of seasons. Just celebrate LIFE! C’mon, try it….




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