Dropping Out From Diet Culture

Well, truthfully, I dropped out years ago. When I saw this amazing shirt from Chubby Cartwheels, however, it really resonated with me. It seems funny to me that now, as I am the most health conscious I have ever been in this life, I feel compelled to rail against diet culture. Then again, maybe it’s not that odd. It is in fact, because of my love for my body and all the women out there, that I am so adamantly against dieting. Dieting is just bad. It’s harmful to the body, mind and spirit; and it took me a long time to understand that. You name it, I probably tried it. Atkins, Slim Fast, Isagenix, Lindora, plain old starving myself, and an almost gastric bypass. Here’s the thing we all know: diets don’t work. Oh sure, there are some successes, but in the end, the weight comes back, self esteem plummets with “failure”, and all that money went down the drain. Of course it does! It’s a business and they’re making some seriously fat cash (pun intended) off it all. I mean, how many times can Kirstie Alley re-join Weight Watchers before the point is made? Kirstie, if you ever read this, I adore you! Please tell Weight Watchers to fuck off and just love yourself as you are!!!

Fuck DietsThis shirt gives me so many feels! It says, quite succinctly, Fuck the Patriarchy! It says to me, love yourself as you are! It tells me you are more than others would see you as! And it very loudly says, they will never get another dime of my money or moment of my energy again!

Diet Industry DropoutDiet Industry DropoutChubby Cartwheels Diest Industry Dropout TeeFuck diets, and justLOVE YOURSELF(1)


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