Happy Gal-entine’s Day From Me to You!

Right. It’s here. Valentine’s Day is upon us. Are you a fan? Are you a hardcore chocolate, wine and wooing die hard? Or are you of the anti-commercial holiday mindset? Or, perhaps, are you just one to embrace an opportunity for love whenever you see one?Kiss me, it's Valentine's Day #UntamedStyleAs for me, I’m not a fan for many reasons. For example, just try going out to dinner or to a bar on Valentine’s Day. Long waits, crappy service, over priced “lover’s specials”, and dramatic crying girls in every bathroom. Noooooo thank you. There’s also the simple fact that this is nothing more than a commercial holiday. Did you know that in Americans spend over $10,000,000,000.00 (that’s ten billion dollars) each year for V-Day? Yep. That’s an average of $114.00 per person on chocolate, paper cards, and flowers (with the odd diamond here and there, of course). Here’s a link to a quick and informative video about the history of Valentine’s Day. Oh~and~ there’s the fact that it’s another Christian appropriation of a pagan day of celebration, originally called Lupercalia (a celebration of sex and mating tied to the new life of spring). And that, my friends, pretty much sums up how I feel about Valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day if for suckersAll that said, my Untamed Style sister’s decided to pull together and do a round of Gal-entine’s Day posts. Now, I’ve never seen Parks & Rec (I know, I know….it’s amazing, I’ve been told) so it took a bit of googling to get on board. Essentially, February 13th  is a day for feminist sister love, and I’m all about that! So I decided to ask my sisters what they thought about Valentine’s Day and share it with you. Can I tell you how blown away I was by their responses? They all varied and voiced their opinions with humor, love and eloquence. How can I not be in love with Gal-entine’s Day when I know babes like this?!?!?

Curve's Ala Mode's Valentine's thoughts



@mumumansion talks about Valentine's day

CidStyleFile.com talks about Valentine's Day

Pia of Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick talks about Valentine's Day

Aarti of Curves Become Her talks about Valentine's Day

Vanessa of SweetLeighSewn talks about Valentine's day

Margot Meanie talks about Valentine's DayAre they not the best?!?! I highly recommend clicking on each image and popping over to see what my #UNTAMEDSTYLE sister’s have written about in each of their Gal-entine’s Day posts. I assure you, it’s going to be amazing.

#untamedstyle is the official hashtag of a group of amazing bloggers who arite about life and style after 30.

8 thoughts on “Happy Gal-entine’s Day From Me to You!

  1. Love this post M! And you’re right. It’s been so exploited like Christmas/Thanksgiving all that matters is the money being spent, the gifts being bought. We need to start the change ourselves and take it back old-school and not get caught up in the commercialism of it all.


  2. Let me say how much I appreciate your self acceptance. I applaud you. I was a fat child in fact I still struggle at almost 60. Nurture that little girl hiding deep inside your heart, she needs you. You will find as an adult, that many of your insecurities still involve her. Beth Moore has a book So long Insecurities, I read it and it was great inspiration. I wish you all success.

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