5 Women of Instagram I Can’t Live Without

  Oh Instagram, how I do adore you. You and your amazing melange of inspirational quotes, silly videos, proclamations of self love and self obsession, too. Recently, I have been doing a bit of “following” maintenance; weeding out the accounts too heavy with consumer driven shopping posts and endless selfies (We are a fickle fandom, us IG-ers. Are we not?). Seeking out new people whose lives (or at least the moments they share) resonate with me. Through this little digital  housekeeping project, it has become clear to me that there are some accounts that I just need in my life. These are the ones I go looking for when I don’t find them in my idol scrolling. These are the accounts that make me think, and laugh, and sigh. These are women who, though we may/may not have ever met, I feel a kinship with; a sense of tribe. Now, I assure you, there are more than these 5 women who move me, heart and soul, but I felt like a list of 20 might be overwhelming. So, I did a bit of curating for this collection of Instagram gold. Shall we start?


@mumumanion: lover, soul searcher, warrior for womenHonestly, this post probably could have been titled, “you need @mumumansion in your life”. This woman…what can I say about her? She is an advocate for women, a self love guru, a mother, a source of endless style inspiration, and a human rights activist to boot. She is also, I am privileged to say, my friend; and I assure you she is as authentic and deep in person as on her IG account. Trust me, you really do need her in your life.


Untitled design(65)There’s something amazing about this woman, maybe it’s the way she sees the world. Her openness, beauty, love and intelligence, just leap through my phone screen and into my heart. Body positivity, fashion photography, a great love story…she shares it all with us. And I am grateful for it.


Untitled design(66)When I think of self love, I think about Gala Darling. When I think about magic, I think of Gala Darling. When I htink of the color pink…yeah, you guessed it! She is one of those people who I daydream about becoming fast friends with if we ever met. Oh, come on, you’ve done it, too about someone. She manages to be fabulous fabulous and soundly grounded all at once. Plus, her images are always glorious and make me happy just to see them.


Untitled design(67)I discovered this babetastic creature about 6 months ago and knew at once, she was amazing. You might recall her from a piece I wrote about alternative plus bloggers last year. Little did I know then, that she would become a good friend of mine. Margot is also the creator of the amazing IG hashtag: #alternativecurves. You’re going to want to check it, and her, out…like now. Her style is so unique and so refreshing in it’s various shades of black. I think she might just turn out to be the alt-girl superhero/anti-hero we’ve all been waiting for.


Untitled design(68)Clearly, Honor’s awesome factor is well known. She manages to be the perfect mix of self love, body positivity, humor and self care inspiration. I’m not going to lie, when I first found her, I saw a tall, leggy blonde, and wondered why she had need for body positivity. That was really just my own hang ups coming out from the shadows. In fact, it was Honor who really truly opened my eyes about body positivity, that all bodies are good bodies. I owe her a debt for that. Maybe one day, I’ll find a way to repay her.

5 Instagram Women You Need In Your Life

There ya’ have it. I hope you go check each of these glorious creatures out, your heart will thank you. Who’s IG account can’t you live without?



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