Intentional Living~Times are Changing

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Different can be good, right?

I have not been as consistent here on the blog as I should be. The truth is, I just haven’t been inspired. When I started Zaftig, I was set to focus on one of my biggest passions: fatshion and that turned out to include a heavy dose of body positivity. However, as I mentioned in my last post, that (while remaining a deep passion) is just a slice of me. I a feeling compelled to broaden the scope of things we talk about here on Zaftig. Of course, I will still write about and share fatshion finds, opinions, etc…but it’s time for there to be more. I truly hope you will stick with me as we come to this fork in the road.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that my husband and I dream of starting our very own homestead in the not too distant future. Although our reasons for seeking out this sort of life are different (I have romantic notions of my hands in the earth, feeling very witchy and mysterious; he seeks health & self sufficiency), we are on the same path. This path will require, obviously, far less “American consumer culture” (his words), much more creative thinking, and (for me) a whole lot of plain old just making shit work.

So, for roughly the next month, I am going to document a little experiment. Nothing crazy, just more intentional living. I’m choosing to focus on my life in the kitchen mainly, for this experiment, because that is where I spend much of my time. This isn’t totally new for me; two years ago I was washing out clothes in the bathtub and line drying them in our dining room for much of the same reasons. I feel the need to prepare myself and my family for the changes that lie ahead.

My loose plan is basically to make as much of our food as possible from scratch. No artificial crap, no pre-packaged anything, just nourishing food made with love. I’m excited to try some old time recipes, experiment with seasonal vegetables and just see what happens. However, I am also trying to stay grounded in reality. As much as I want to be an overnight Earth Mother Goddess, we still live in an apartment, in a city, in the 21st century.

Again, I know this is a different direction for Zaftig, but it is the right direction for me. I promise, I’ll still have fat-tastic posts, too!

Zaftig Times blogger Michelle Guerrero Denison
See, I’ll always be me 🙂

8 thoughts on “Intentional Living~Times are Changing

  1. Fantastic!!! Someday I may expand on my blog as well or start a cooking and home lifestyle blog for modern, alternative food hippies or something!! A huge part of my life is spent in the kitchen and I love it! I cook most of our food from scratch, we have no microwave, we shop mostly daily to have the freshest produce and it’s extremely fulfilling, I admit to the nights of just not being into it, but nothing in the world can unwind me like chopping massive piles of veggies!!

    I recommend following @twwly on Instagram, she was once a suicide girl and now she’s a farmer…with goats!!! I love her so much and she’s not shy about sharing the joys and hardships of being farmers in this modern world. She also has a blog, she hasn’t updated in a long time, but it’s great to read through the archives! It’s called glorious and free!


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    1. Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, Margot. I’ll look her up. Last winter I attempted a second blog for this topic, but I couldn’t keep up two books at once. Sadly, I abandoned it. I’m very excited to expand Zaftig now. I already cook most of or good from scratch, but I think I can do even better. I’m planning to make bread later today. 🙂


  2. Indeed! I believe in intentional and conscious living 100%. I love that so many people I know have committed themselves to simplifying and that micro farming, and living more naturally is becoming more and more a part our consciousness! More people than we know dream of this kind of life. I believe that moving away from this consumer based society is the future. We can be neighbors! I’ll be herding sheep and spinning wool & harvesting silk and making fine durable garments for you to wear in the homestead next door!

    I love that Zaftig Times is going to represent all of your interests and aspirations! Can’t wait to read more about your journey doll! I think it is wonderful you are focusing on intentional living. Doesn’t it all come down to what kind of lives we want to lead right now!? Lots of love! This is going to be amazing!


  3. Michelle, sometimes i feel like you are in my head reading my mind. Often I have read your post, on the blog, FB or instagram and have felt or thought the same thing. Trips me out a bit but maybe we are just connected some how…LOL I too have been feeling discouraged and with no inspiration on the blog, today I woke feeling the need for a more natural and simple life. I don’t think I will go as far as growing my own food, but do feel i need more nature and balance in my life. I am definitely going to attempt to cook more at home and use fresh and natural ingredients, my soul and body are definitely craving it! Good luck to you and your family and I look forward to reading about the journey.


    1. It is getting crazy how in time or thoughts seem to be, Veronica. I have flipped back and forth between wanting a fab & glamorous life or this earthy, full, self sustaining life for several years. This is my attempt to find a middle ground. Can a life be fabulous and earthy? I plan to find out! I also plan to share some recipes soon, so I’d love to hear you’re thoughts.


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