Untamed Style Fall Fashion Trend: Scarves

Oh Fall, how I love thee….let me count the ways. Scarves, boots, layers….sigh… Who isn’t ready to wrap themselves up in layers and take walk in the crisp Fall air whilst sipping on their favorite coffee beverage? I, for one, can not wait! When my Untamed Style blogger group decided on Fall Trends for this month’s theme I knew I just had to do scarves. What I didn’t think about, is that it’s still a billion degrees, which makes wearing scarves totally gross right now. The result of this was be procrastinating writing this post until the very last minute. Whoopsie! The bright side is , however, it gave me a great chance to show you how a scarf can take you from train wreck to traffic stopper in a flash! Are you ready? Here we go!

Oh no! I’m late! How can I look fab in a flash?

How many days have started like that? Messy hair, no make up, (maybe some unsightly roots?), and no time to get ready?!?!? In the photos below, all I did was apply lipstick, throw on some fab sunnies and a classic pair of hoops. Now, it’s not perfection, but it is a drastic improvement. Plus each look took less that 2 minutes!

The Double Twist

The Rock Star

Double Up

this could be great with patterned scarves, too!

Just a Bow

The Royal

You can never have too many scarves! Whenever I see one with a good price, I snap that baby up! There are soooooo many great ideas out there about how to style your scarves. A quick Google search will open a world of options to you. I also think it is important to store them in a place where you see them regularly. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I keep mine hanging in my closet. The great big ones (my personal favorites) hang on my curtain rod and the little guys are stored in a little hanging pocket thing. Simple!

Here’s a few examples of how I have styled my scarves in over the past year.

Sometime silly, sometimes simple, always sassy!

Make sure to check out my fellow Untamed Style sisters blog posts, too! Aarti’s talking about velvet, Veronica is layering with plaid, Zadry is getting fierce with animal prints, and Margot is doing edgey layering and blazers!


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