Battling the Chub Rub: Bandlettes Review

Chub Rub. You know it, I know it, it’s the worst. I can not think of a time in my life when my thighs didn’t rub together. However, it wasn’t until I was about 16 years old that I had my first encounter with the agony that is chub rub. Perhaps it had happened before, I don’t recall. One instance is burned into my brain, probably as a result of the incredible pain I experienced. It was July. I was living in Sacramento California and I had just watched a giant thermometer soar from 100 degrees to 115 degrees in less than an hour from my window seat in a local cafe as I sipped on my umpteenth refill of my soda. It was hotter than it seemed possible to be. I knew I needed to leave, but I just couldn’t stand the idea of going outside. Only the power of a teenage crush had enough force to pull me from the air conditioned safety. As I exited the establishment to start my walking journey across town (back in those days I walked everywhere) it didn’t occur to me that my long broomstick skirt was a poor choice for such a trek. After about 10 blocks I started to sweat and after 15 there was a definite friction situation starting. It hurt, but I was young and resilient, so I soldiered on. I arrived at my destination after about 30 minutes of walking. I was sore and I was hot, but I had no idea what was to come. As I visited with friends, I discreetly tucked a bit of my full skirt between my thighs for relief….aaahhhhh, better. Until it was time to leave. The pain was real and the walk was long. Another 30 minute walk in the scorching heat and I was home. My thighs were on fire! Curious how my body could be so mad I me, I grabbed a mirror to check the situation out and oh my god! My thighs were not just chaffed, they were bleeding and swollen and angry! I was out of commission (and a bit mortified) for several days. I think it goes without saying, this was not my last encounter with chub rub, but it was one of the worst.

Over the years, I have tried a variety of solutions. Gold Bond Powder, Vasaline, shorts under dresses, giving up dresses altogether, and of course, Spanxx. Spanxx proved to be the best solution for a long time. There’s no arguing that those damn things are effective! They are also, in my opinion, confining, hot and very unsexy. So when I read about Bandlettes earlier this summer on xoJane , I was very, very interested. I mean….how had I not heard of these? A couple weeks ago I finally got around to ordering a pair and just this weekend I took them for a spin.

one day I will be comfortable with my photo being taken

Basically, these fabulous creations are the top bit you’d find on a pair of thigh high stockings. They’re very soft and have thin bands of silicone on the inside to keep them up. On the day I chose to try them out it was about 90 degrees and I had lots of walking planned. I wore them for about 8 hours and I have to be honest, they are pretty great! Not perfect, but great. I watched their sizing video to make sure I bought the correct size. I had read than buying the wrong size would result in a less than desirable result. My tight measured 28 1/2″ so I opted for a size D. Their website says if you are between sizes to go for the smaller option. However, in retrospect, I am wondering if I should have purchased a size E. The reason I say this, is that I couln’t pull the up high enough without them rolling down a bit. I felt they were most comfortable resting just under my butt cheek, but they just wouldn’t stay put. I found a spot that worked and set out for my day.

Can I just tell you, these things made me feel soooooooo sexy?!?!? Unlike Spanxx (which I always feared someone might see) I wanted to show these off! Honestly, I felt like a total babe all day, and I think it was largely due to these lil’ babies. For most of the day I was in total comfort and had full confidence in them. I will say, towards the end of the night, the top edge in the back was rolling down and the bottom edges right where my thighs meet were rolling up a bit and sticking to each other. That said, I think it may possibly be due to me ordering the wrong size…I am not really sure.

feelin’ babe-tastic in my Bandlettes

So, here’s what I think: for $14.99 plus shipping, these things are the fucking shit. They work well, they made me feel great and they’re practical. Speaking of practicality, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics. Bandlettes, I am a fan! I am curious, what you all use to battle to chub rub? I would love to try out a few more options.


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