Janis Joplin. Untamed Style Icon.

I have adored Janis Joplin since before I can remember. I can recall seeing her on the cover of a record my parents had, while listening to her sing. I knew she was special, fleeting, just from the sound of her voice…though I hadn’t yet learned about the tragedy of her death. So when a small group of fellow bloggers wanted to to a group themed post about “Style Icons” I knew exactly who I wanted to honor.

In remembrance of Janis, I tried to stay true to her style. NO make-up, messy hair, just a sense of  irreverence and eclectic styling. That was the easy part. Things got a bit dicey for me when it came time to shoot…my darling hubby is usually my photog. (though he does it grudgingly). This time, however, he just wasn’t into it. Okay, truthfully, I’ve been in a summer haze of procrastination so I didn’t really push too hard either. Perhaps you’ve noticed I haven’t been posting much here, that is why. I digress. So, it’s the day I want to shoot and there isn’t a soul to be found…except for my kids (7&8 years old). They are always dying to play with Mommy’s phone, and eagerly accepted the job. For a while at least…

The shots turned out rough and rather unfocused, but you know what? I think it only serves better tribute to Janis. After all, she was a free spirit, right? Real talk: I have rolled my eyes many a time of bloggers who use their kids as photographers. In the future I will refrain for two reasons 1) obviously I don’t want to be a hypocrite and 2) this is way, way harder with a kid. Note: I am now planning to buy a tripod soon, very soon.

As you might expect, the kids got bored pretty quickly. I was left on my own, less than ideal. However it got me thinking: what would Janis do in the age of the selfie? Truthfully, I doubt it would be her sort of thing, but for the sake of this project we are going to roll with it. I had a wonderful time listening to her sing while I tried to imagine what a 21st century Janis might be like.

Janis did love her some accessories
“Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got” ~ Janis Joplin

About this project:


I have a fabulous circle of friends. Some of these friends just so happen to be bloggers. We are an eclectic tribe of women (mostly) in our 30s and plus size, who know that style has nothing to do with our age or the number on a scale. Style comes from within, it’s like an aura or a life force and we recognize that. We recently started talking about collaborating on some themed style posts and today’s is the first. You will certainly be seeing more in the future! See that awesome verbage up there? That was written by Veronica of Cid Style File; this whole thing was her brilliant idea. My other soul sisters collaborating on this one are Aarti of Curves Become Her, Zadry of Curves a la Mode, and Margot Meanie. Go check out their Style Icon posts, too! Keep your eyes peeled for more #untamedstyle posts in the future!


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