Gyspy Style in a Modern World

See that beauty up there? Well these are the images I swirl around in my mind when it’s time to get dressed. Call it what you will: gypsy, boho, hippie…it’s all just glorious to me. New, old, casual, glamorous, it’s ALL good. Layers upon layers of patterns and textures and jewellery. Tousled hair, dark eyes and a smoldering stare. Oh….to be a gypsy queen…

I have found many of my favorite gypsy inspired pieces in second hand shops, yard sales and off price stores. However, if you don’t have the time to invest searching, I have some options for you.

Yours Clothing

 Yours Clothing is new to me. I found them during my searches today. They’re a UK based company. Their price points seem a tad high…but perhaps the quality merits it, I really couldn’t say. But I love sharing new brands with you just to open up your fashion options. Also~the lovely Hayley Hasslehoff appears to be their new model.

You just can’t go wrong for the price at Forever 21+. The price point is outstanding and the fit is usually on point. I’m including some pants in my Gypsy inspired collections because…well…chub rub…Pants can totally work for this look, providing you accessorize (rather…OVER accessorize).

I love Kristin Miles, I just do! They have the perfect blend of vintage and boho to suit my taste with a middle of the road price point. Their collections tend to be small, but there’s always something I love.

SWAK is great for basics. If you’ve never tried them, I recommend you do. In all honesty, I rarely find anything that jumps off the page and shouts buy me, but I LOVE everything I have ever purchased from them. These pieces are things you can keep in your closet for yeeeeeaaaaars.

Don’t knock it ’til you tried it. I worked for Old Navy for a long while and I was always surprised by how much I liked some of their pieces. I mean…this caftan? Come on! I love it! Plus, their price points are always very, very reasonable.

A bit higher up on the price point food chain, we have Simply Be. I adore all three of these pieces and might be willing to chop off a toe for that green number!

Just for shits and giggles, I popped over to Roman’s thinking I would never find anything good. But then…I did! These are some solid options! I do feel compelled to mention, however, that nothing was modeled by a plus size model. That peeved me. Still, I was so surprised that I found anything I’d wear at all, so I’m including them here.

So, you have your clothing all settled? Great! The next step in  Gypsy Chic is….jewelry! Lots and lots of it, too! I am such a Stella&Dot lover, it’s where I get almost all my accessories.I can not say enough good stuff about it. If you want to know more, just ask me (I am a stylist with them).

Below, you’ll see just a few examples of how I style my gypsy inspired looks. I’d love to see yours!

ps~ yes, you have seen these before, but (as I have said) I wear the same things allllll the time.


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