Heaven + URTH Product Review. BEElieve Hydration Balm

One of the well known “perks” of blogging is that sometimes we get to try cool new products. This is one of those times. The darling peeps from over at Heaven + Urth recently sent me a jar of their Beelieve Hydration Balm. Can I just say, it is truly wonderful? BEEcause it is! (see what I did there?) I feel compelled to state that I am not sharing this review simply because I got free stuff, I’m not that type of girl. I am sharing this with you because a) I truly liked the product, b) I love small business and do my best to support them, c) I am sort of a hippie so I love natural stuff and d) I love women (the creators are bffs!).

The first thing I noticed, upon opening the package, was the adorable packaging. Even though my floor was littered with shredded newspaper (used for packing) which was totally my fault, I was instantly struck by the message it sent. This is a company that cares about our environment. Score one for Heaven+URTH!

After opening up the adorable little burlap sachet, I found the cutest little wooden spoon ever. Yes, these things matter to me. Little tiny spoon = happy Michelle.

Once I found the strength to put down the lil’ spoon, I opened the jar. Holy-room-filling-relaxation-inducing-scent, Batman! I’m not joking, this stuff smells amaaaaaaaazing, with no added artificial smelly stuff either (see product description for ingredient list). It’s the kind of smell that makes you smile. As you can see, it’s thick; hence the term hydration balm. But don’t let that throw you. Once it hits your skin, it warms between your fingers into a delightful, smooth texture. Take note: a little goes a long way. The amount you see in the image above covered my face, neck, decolletes, and my hubby’s face too. Although it is thicker than your average lotion/moisturizer, it soaks in quickly and leaves a velvety smoothness to the skin. Bonus: you can use this everywhere. Dry hair? Use it! Cuticle problems? Use it! Chapped lips? Use it! I have a skin condition know as ketosis pilaris (aka chicken bumps) and already, this product is making a difference! This is a problem that has plagued me for decades!

So, a BIG thank you to Crystal and Tanya for this wonderful product! I am a fan!

Want to know more about Heaven+URTH and keep up with all their fun? Check them out on Twitter, Facebook or their website. Also~if you are a SoCal gal like me, it might BEEhoove you to check out their spa A Little Touch of Heaven in Newport Beach!

Creators of Heaven+URTH / BFFs Crystal & Tanya (photo borrowed from their website)

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