10 Alternative Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following

If you follow me on facebook you may have seen my post last week about my reaction each time I see one of those “10 best plus size blogger” type posts. These posts usually come to my attention due to a share from a facebook friend/peer who is over the moon about their inclusion in one such list. What do I do? I click the link and then scan the article for some mention of myself. It’s embarrassing, but true. I am never there, and that’s okay. What prompted this post today, is a comment I read on one of these pieces saying, “I wish there were some alt bloggers represented here”. It stopped me. Such a simple comment sent my mind reeling. It never occurred to me that there were niches within my own niche. It seems obvious, but it just never did. And thus, this post was born. Let’s get started.

The Glitter Thread

photo borrowed from her blog

Meet Courtney. This is the very fist photo I can recall seeing of this beauty. She is so lovely, unique and I can not stop staring at her beautiful eyes. She’s got mad style to boot! You can read her blog here.

Katana Fatale

photo borrowed from her blog
This is Caitlin and she is ravishing. Her tumblr will make you want to become a gypsy in 2.5 seconds. It is beautiful and she is divine. You may also recognize her from Chubby Cartwheels photos.
 Fat Babe Designs (aka the Nearsighted Owl)
photo borrowed from her blog

Who isn’t a Rachele fan, am I right? She’s always been awesome (I featured her a year ago in my blogger round-up), but these days she is KICKING ASS! Between her publicly taking on the abuse of her photos for the purposes of fat shaming and her adorable illustrations, you do not want to miss a damn thing she is doing.
Margot Meanie
photo borrowed from her blog
Margot is new to my radar and I am so sad it took me so long to find her. Like tattoos, tea and fatshion? You need to get on the Margot train today. Here’s her blog. PS~ I sort of want her to be my new BFF.
 A Curious Fancy
photo borrowed from her blog

There is no one quite like Ragini. Her mix of whimsical fashion, brutal honesty and artfully written posts, is such a gift. 

Chubble Bubble
photo borrowed from her blog
Tracy is the woman we all have to thank for Domino Dollhouse; as in she owns it, designs it, IS it. Her blog is such an inspiration for the alt girl in all of us. She is also a new mother and that kid is some kind of CUTE! Congrats, Tracy!

How Kate Does Fashion
photo borrowed from her blog
I have been following Kate and her fabulous fashion sense on Instagram for a year or two. When she announced that she was starting her blog, I was so excited. Check it out, you will be glad you did.
When in Doubt Wear Purple
photo borrowed from her blog
I’m sure you recognize Shawna, owner/designer of Chubby Cartwheels, but did you know she has a blog?!?! She does. It is awesome. Two quick things: 1) I have had a few opportunities to interact with her (via social media) and she is always super duper nice (yay!), 2) can we just talk about the fact that she looks so good in this dress from Domino Dollhouse? This picture makes me happy because , to me, it illustrates sisterhood. ❤

The Rotund
photo borrowed from her blog
Marianne won my heart via xoJane. Her articles are always so on point and unabashedly honest. Then I realized, she has a tumblr and I danced with joy. 

Tess Munster
photo borrowed from her blog
This list would not be complete without her on it. If you ask me, she is the beginning and the end. She’s the peanut butter and the jelly. She’s the bees knees. She’s the cherry on the hot fudge sunday of body love, fatshion and beauty. The whole kit&kaboodle. I have learned to love myself a bit more, trust myself a lot more and even take a few chances because of Tess. Her blog also had a facelift recently and looks almost as glorious as she does.

Each of these women has her own distinct voice. I highly recommend you check them out, follow them, love them and share their work. Do you have a favorite who’s not on the list? Please share, I’d love to check them out!


3 thoughts on “10 Alternative Plus Size Bloggers You Should Be Following

  1. It’s nice to see a new face I hadn’t heard of before in The Rotund!I know of Marianne as a writer, but have never viewed her blog, so I will do so. The Plus Size Bloggers network according to social media listmakers like Buzzfeed and other publications is too small and way too homogeneous. I was a little sad at how white your list was sans A curious Fancy who I think has one of the most original aesthetics and purest styles around. But that just makes me look forward to making my own.

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