Fattitude the Documentry. Fattitude, the Movement.

About 10-12 days ago, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw a link to a video called: Fattitude . I was instantly interested! I thought it was going to be some clever little video about body love or size acceptance, and I am all about that. What it turned out to be, was so much more. The link took me to the Kickstarter page for Fattitude: A Body Positive Documentary. I was mesmerized. It’s beautifully made, features soooooo many brilliant women (Virgie Tovar, Marilyn Wan, Subsantia Jones, to name a few) speaking with wisdom and humor and strength about size acceptance, body positivity and the cultural fixation on being thin. It was 4 of the best minutes so far this year, for me.

Now, I have seen a lot of Kickstarters and Fundthis, and what-not, over the past few years. Sadly, not too many reach their goals. It’s just hard, right? We can’t financially support every brand we want to see succeed, every project that we feel love for in our hearts; times are tough and money is tight. That being said, in just a week Fattitude’s Kickstarted has raised almost half of it’s goal. At the time I am writing this, 333 backers have donated $15,142! I have to believe this is going to be the project that makes it. This is a game changer. 333 other people have seen this trailer, felt what I felt and said, “YES! This is important”.

 Fortunately for me, Lindsey Averill is super cool and carved out some time to talk with me about her project. Firstly, she’s soooooo nice and funny (always a bonus, right?), and secondly OMG is she smart! This lady is a straight up scholar, a PhD no less! I’m not gonna lie, I was just a teensy bit intimidate by her rad-ness. I asked her about what planted the seed in her to begin this project and she told me about a class she took called “Women, Myth & Reality”. It was this class that sparked something inside of her; she felt the need to start “challenging the myth”. She talked with me about how our society irrationally measures morality by body size (ie: I was so bad today. I ate three cookies) and the obvious social injustice hat our fat bodies are exposed to on a daily basis. I truly felt like this was so much more that body positivity; this is education. In fact, that is her plan for the film. She’s not just looking to “preach to the choir”; she wants to mainstream this baby and open some eyes.

I asked Lindsey what the project has done for her thus far and she said the process has been ‘life changing”. She went on to tell me about a moment she had after completing their interviews in San Francisco where she realized she “already liked my body more”. The process of bringing this to life is “squelching the last whispers of self consciousness”

Not surprisingly, yet still horrifyingly, the trolls are coming out for this one and they are not giving up. If you don’t know what a troll is, consider your world a better place. A troll is someone who makes it their mission to spread hate, disinformation, cruelty and stupidity while safely masked behind the anonymity of the internet. They have been attacking this brave woman non-stop. Not only has she already had to change her phone number, but her personal information, her husband’s personal information and the information of ALL the women featured has been shared with other trolls purely for the purpose of making their lives difficult. It’s fucking harassment and bordering on stalking and it’s bullshit! Of course, she’s a smart woman and has taken the proper steps to pull down what she can. I will never ever understand why people feel compelled to pour hate on strangers like that.

If you are anything like me, you are ready to show your support for this film now, right? So far she and her partner in the project, Viri Lieberman, have filmed 14 interviews. There is still so much more to do! This is where we come in. You can donate as much or as little as you choose, they appreciate every penny. The last day to fund their Kickstarter is May 25th, so let’s do this! Can’t donate? They get it. How about you just share, share, share the project? This is important stuff and I feel like it is our duty to support these two women however we can. I am going to give you all the links you need. Here’s their Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, and you can email them at fattitudethemovie@gmail.com.


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