Beck Cooper is My New Shero

Last week, I stumbled upon a video of this beautiful young woman. She was performing spoken word and she made me cry. I knew that moment I had to talk to her. Her name is Beck Cooper and she is so brave, so talented and so special.
As luck would have it, she is also an absolute delight to talk with. I was truly surprised to learn she had only been performing spoken word since October of 2013. Although, it is my guess it’s always been inside her. “Too Big” was her fourth piece ever performed. It is raw, and it is honest, and it is important.

My reaction to her work was visceral. I imagine yours may be as well. There is a moment in “Too Big” where she talks about not fitting into a roller coaster and having to exit while her friends continued on the ride. How many of us have either experienced that, or at least dread the possibility whenever we are in similar situations? I asked Beck about how it felt to be so open. She said it was liberating, in a way. She is “embracing her large body”. “Too Big” was written as her way of processing a statement made by a guy she was dating; and it has brought her to “a turning point”. Interestingly, said guy was in the audience as she performed this! How brave is this woman?!?!?To me, vulnerability is one of the greatest exhibitions of strength and Beck, is a damn warrior goddess!

I urge you to watch “Too Big”. I urge you to share it. I urge you let it touch you. I urge you to reach out and offer your support to this wonderful woman. I urge you to find your own voice and share it with the world. I urge to you to love yourself.

I also want to mention that Beck, a recent college graduate, is working in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward in the Living Museum. She is working to collect oral histories of the area, still devastated from Katrina, in order to preserve the rich heritage there. If you want to keep up with Beck, you can follow her on Tumblr.


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