Super Fun Night Really is Just Super Fun

So, Super Fun Night has come the the end of it’s first (of many more?) seasons. Although I had my questions at the beginning of the season, I am now a BIG fan, both in dress size and enthusiasm. What’s not to adore? A plus size leading lady with charming quirks, a successful career, two great friends, a love interest and of couse an evil ice queen to round everything out with. Love! Was the first season a tad sketchy at points? Sure. But aren’t most first seasons? Watch season 1 of Friends…it got way, way better later. I am so surprised when I hear people’s not glowing opinion of the show, especially in the plus community. I’ve heard people suggest it’s “Hollywood fat acceptance”, poorly written and even just plain awful. I want to shriek, “are we watching the same show??”, but I don’t…everyone is entitled to their opinion.

I thought, for those of you who haven’t watched it, or have and love it and even those of you who scoff at it (so basically everyone) I would recap some season 1 highlights for you. Here we go!

Episode 1:
We meet Kimmie. Adorable, clumsy, newly promoted, video diary making, Kimmie. In this episode (which was not the initial premier episode) Kimmie engages in an over the top karaoke duel while vying for the attention of her crush. Enough said.

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 2:
Kimmie and her two room-mates set up an online dating profile, obsess over their lack of replies and go on a triple date, on which she pretends to be a Russian super model and then pretends to be a a spy pretending to be a model when it goes badly.

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 3:
Halloween episode with a musical ending! Yaaaay!!!

Episode 4:
Kimmie has anxiety about dealing with her mom (totally identify) while organizing her little sister’s engagement party. This episode, my fave scene was when Helen Alice & Marika attempt to learn modern slang via flashcards.

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 5:
The ice queen , Kendal, breaks down and Kimmie swoops in to the rescue! Then they drunkenly attempt revenge on Kimmie’s ex-boyfriend; ending in “dance party junction” in his hallway. Awe…right? Bonus: Brooke Shields guest stars and Murna Princess Warrior!

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 6:
After attending a dating/mating seminar, Kimmie picks up a guy (Will Sasso) whilst wearing a top with a poodle on it. Cut to the bedroom, where she’s totally (well almost) undressed and looking glorious! Boom chicka bow-wow!

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 7:
Kimmie gets set up on a date. Are you catching this trend? A plus size main character who is fun, sexy and faces the same awkward/awesome relationship issues as everyone else!?!? Awesomeness! Highlight: her explaination of her picture face “it’s like I’m trying to keep my eyes open, and there’s a wallet in my mouth”…this truly is MY picture face, everytime. I spit my drink out when she explained it that way.

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 8:
So this episode was the origial pilot. I still don’t understand why it aired so far into the season, or why it has a female antigontist that we never hear of or see again. Very confusing. Also~Rebel Wilson’s American accent has come a looooong way since this was filmed. Highlight: the trio dancing awkwardly on the street scene we all saw in the previews.

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 9:
Christmas episode! I am always a sucker for these. They break into a cabin in the woods and eat a lonely old man’s Christmas dinner (with heartwarming holiday goodness after). There may be nothing better than trying to thwart an attacker with a turkey leg.

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

Episode 10:
Lil’ Big Kim gets her rap on. “All you twig bitched just a fraction of me!”

Episode 11:
Kimmie attempts to throw a dinner party and is convinced to try molecular gastonomy…I still don’t really know what that is. And when all goes to pot, James swoops in the the charming rescue! Then….wait for it….in walks the handsome Richard (post break up) looking for Kimmie. Awkward! Again, our plus sized leading lady, Kimmie, is the object of not one but two men’s affection!

Super Fun Night Season 1 Highlights

 Episode 12:

Sort of plot irrelevant, but Marika and Helen Alice get makeovers and then try to recreate them.

Episode 13:
Kimmie lost her V-Card!

Episode 14:
Finally, finally someone suggests Marika might be gay. Oh~and she meets a cutie patootie girl!

Episode 15:
Cookie Prom! I repeat, Coo-kie PROM! There’s even a cookie crown!

Episode 16:
Valentine episode! Normally, I’d simultaneously roll my eyes whilst vomiting. However, this one is titled Lesbihonest and is filled with so much goodness it amazes me it was only 20 minutes long.

The Kisses!

The singing!

Episode 17:
Kimmie has to choose between two men, Marika officially comes out, and Helen Alice gets busy! The episode is positive chock full of noteable moments, but NOTHING compares to this:

So there you have it. I did my best to not give too much away. I’ve heard ABC is on the fence about season #2, and I hope they give it the green light. The characters were just starting to hit their stride. So if you haven’t watched it, why not binge view it via Netflix this weekend while eating copious amounts of pizza and cookies? Come on, do it for Rebel!


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