So This is 2014…

Well, it happened. 2014 is under way. I am not one to rejoice on New Years as most people are. It’s not that I mind it, I just don’t put a whole lotta stock in that whole fresh start, be a better version of myself, this year is gonna be my year hokkum. If you do, more power to you. It’s just not for me.

Then I read a post from my friend Pia over at Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick about her non-resolutions. It got me thinking. Last year was all about establishing this blog and getting out into the world a bit more that I had in the past. Some of you may know that I live an ongoing battle with bipolar disorder. This time of year is usually particularly hard for me. Perhaps this is why I hate new years…maybe not. Anyhow, I am getting off topic. Let’s get back on track, shall we?

Rather than making resolutions (a word that I feel drips with self loathing) maybe I should just establish my priorities and set some goals.

I recently came the opinion that you can tell about about a person by their Pins on Pinterest. By and large, I think people pin the things they care about and identify with most. So I took a stroll through my own pins and came to the following conclusions: I love pretty things (duh), I value nature, I’m a feminist
,my aesthetic preference for fashion leans towards vintage with a heavy bohemian influence, I like food and cooking, I’m a remedial crafter and I am a dabbler in natural medicine.

So rather than making resolutions (yuck!) I think I want to just frame out what this year will be about for me and I thought what better way to do it than share it with all of you (aka create some accountability for myself).

In 2014:

I plan to put focus back on our family goal of starting a small homestead. At the moment that translates to learning more about gardening, cooking from scratch (no processed foods for us) and learning those domestic skills that our grandparents had nailed by the time they were 12 years old. I’ve started a new blog to chronicle this journey and I’ve also started a monthly “sewing circle” open to my friends whenever they want to join.

I want to buy less and make more. I have made over old clothes since I was a teen and think it’s a fun way to be creative. Being a stay at home mom, I have the luxury of time to start a garden, sew and mend and scour thrift stores, ebay and craigslist to but second hand when needed. When I do “buy” I hope to buy locally and/or handcrafted when possible. Though, admittedly, kicking the Target habit will be hard (I mean that store just has the best stuff).

I will continue to champion women and share my experience here on Zaftig Times.

I want to experiment more with my personal style and follow my gypsy-esque inclinations.

Reading over this small list makes me feel invigorated. This is a life worth living. This is a life worth sharing. I don’t know how I will fare this year, but I do know the direction I’m headed…and that’s big advantage.

Happy New Year,


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