Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.

I think I first became aware of Frida Kahlo in my early 20s. She made such an impression on me. She was everything I wanted (and continue strive to) be. Unconventional. Candid. Strong. Talented. Intelligent. Mother of Beauty.

There isn’t anything I  can tell you about her that a quick google or wiki search can’t tell you. So I think it best to simply share some of the beauty she left behind.

Wednesday Woaman, Frida Kahlo

Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.
I have always identified with this painting.
Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.

Even the way she chose to love was on her own terms.

Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.

Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.
Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker
It’s been rumored she had an affair with Josephine Baker

In my search for Frida I stumbled on this:

Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.
Image found at:

Frida has been the inspiration for so many artists and thinkers and women in general. To say she was ahead of her time would be an understatement.

Wednesday Woman. Frida Kahlo.


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