Adventure Day in LA

Every now and then my darling husband and I get a day all to ourselves. This very thing happened last Saturday. Although we were oh so very tempted to stay cozy in bed all day, we resisted the urge. And that is how Adventure Day was born!

We left the house with no idea where we were headed. Living here in Southern California, it’s easy to forget all the awesome things there are to do everywhere.
Soon, we found ourselves at the La Brea Tar Pits. In fact, this area is FILLED with Museums to visit. We chose to go the free route and just enjoy what there was outside. Let me tell you, there’s lots!

La Brea Tar Pits
Groped by a Ground Sloth

Giant Statue? I must have a photo with it!

 As we wandered we stumbled into the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We walked inside and I started to geek out over all the beauty…until he realized we were supposed to pay! Eek! We left quickly due to my husbands sense of integrity. Note to the LACMA, you might want to beef up security; it’s really, really easy to get in without paying. Not to worry, though. Lot’s and lots to see outside for free!

Beautiful installation outside LACMA

Rodin Sculpture Garden
Soon there were amazing aromas wafting past our noses from the food trucks lined up just across the street. Hot dogs, pupusas, Bao and just about anything else you might want. We opted for Hot dogs, but seriously considered going for round two so I could get my pupusa fix!
Yes, ma’am! Mac-n-Cheese Hot Dog!
“Behind the Wall” installation. This is actually part of the Berlin Wall!
Our last stop in LA was the Griffith Park Observatory.To the best of my recollection, I’d never been. Although, all my viewings of Rebel Without a Cause made me feel as though I had. Good news, there were no greaser knife fights while I was there.
View of LA from the top tier

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