Wednesday Woman. Tess Munster.

Welcome to my new (hopefully) weekly feature, Wednesday Woman. I think it’s established that I am a big supporter of women. I am struck by the awesome strength, kindness, ingenuity, brilliance and beauty of women on a daily basis. Some are women in history. Some are celebrities. Some are women in my life. I feel compelled to shine this little spotlight of mine on them now and share their wonderfulness with you all.

For my very first installation, I couldn’t think of anyone better that the one and only, Tess Munster. I’m so in awe of this woman. There is a depth and a strength and a drive inside her that even exceeds her beauty.

Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman
Photo borrowed from Tess’s blog

Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman
A photo from Tess’s Instagram

Yes, she is beautiful. There’s no arguing that. However, the thing that I find the most spectacular about Tess is her vulnerability. It is precisely that trait that has made me want to be leader of the Tess Fan Club. Is that not a thing yet? Because it should be! She puts it all out there. Her struggle to get where she is, the cruelty she is subjected to by strangers so full of hate, her long distance love…she shares it all. There is something so very real about this woman. And I find it so enchanting.

Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman

Just this week, she’s started a Facebook page for her phenomenal Instagram hashtag #effyourbeautystandards. If you’re not following those two links already, I suggest you go now (thank me later). I’m not lying when I tell you that she is one of the main reasons I donned a swimsuit on the beach this year for the first time in….ages. She is a true shero. Why else would she have over 82,000 followers on Instagram? She speaks for us. She speaks to us. She touches us on a profound level. You can see her here on YouTube.

Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman

Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman
From the “Nude” Issue of Volup2

Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman
She’s partnered with Benefit now!
Zaftig Times Wednesday Woman
For her current collaboration with SWAK

Tess, I thank you for your candour. I wish you more success and happiness than you could hold in that beautiful heart of yours! You are a true Shero!

Zaftig Times Wedsensday Woman #1 Tess Munster


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