Zaftig Review. POSH LAFW Fall/Winter 2013


Every now and then, I am fortunate enough to attend a fabulous event or two. This past Sunday just so happened to be one of those times. And let me tell you, POSH LAFW did not disappoint. This past March, I attended their Spring/Summer show  and it was a great show. That said, they really stepped up their game on this one!

Green Jones Productions made the wise choice to partner up with stylist Reah Norman to take it to the next level. Unlike most fashion shows this was more about looks than individual designers. It was like watching a fashion magazine walking right in front of me!

Models from POSH LAFW Fall/Winter 2013
One day I will have an actual camera…until then…we make do

Post show was a madhouse filled with all the L.A. fabulous people. The beauty, style and giddiness were almost dizzying.

<img alt="With The Curvy Fashionista Herself" border="0" height="640" src="" title="I
With Marie aka The Curvy Fashionista. Seriously, she is so fabulous!

Zaftig Times POSH LAFW Red Carpet
Look at all these wonderful women. This is my life! How lucky am I?

Michelle of Zaftig Times
This is what happens when you choose to take photos just outside the bathroom

Michelle of Zaftig Times with Tess Munster
With the ever beautiful Tess Munster

Outfit Details

Shirt: Old Navy (found it in the mens clearance section and got creative)
Skirt: SWAK
Necklace & Earrings: Forever 21
Purse: Vintage
Hair Comb:Vintage
Boots: Payless (That’s right. You heard me. Payless!) 


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