Eff You, Fat Shaming Week!

Today I had intended on writing a fun and pretty post, sharing all the fun new make-up I got this weekend. Then, I saw this tweet from the great team over at BeauCoo and lost my effing mind!

Fat shaming week? Are you effing kidding me???
Honest to goodness, this was my reaction

I was truly shocked. A hashtag for fat shaming? A stupid fucking twitter accounnt names “Fat Shamer“? (It should be noted, that idiot only has 157 followers, but still… A best of fat shaming tweets on RoK? Oh yeah, shout out to the assholes over there for getting the ball rolling on this horrific assault on people based purely on their small brained, misogynistic opinions. I’m sad to say that many women are getting in on this too, including this one.

I have pondered fat shaming for a while now. Do I write about it or do I just leave it alone? The truth is (in my adult life) I have not had the hurtful experiences that I have read about from so many of you out there. I certainly have experienced the looks, the surprise expression from people when they see me with my physically fit husband, and let’s not forget the little voice in my own head replaying a constant loop from my childhood filled with judgement and ridicule. (I suspect the reason I haven’t experienced the tragedies some of you have is that people tend to be a little intimidated by me.)

 I have flushed with rage for you. I have shared your stories. I have hurt for you. Today, it’s time to write about it. Today it’s time to say ENOUGH!

So here’s what I suggest we all do:

I encourage you to join in on this!

You are beautiful!
Found this on the Art of Living blog

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