Super Fun Night Review. A Plus Size Perspective.

Super Fun Night

I’m sure many of you tuned in last night to watch Rebel Wilson’s new show, Super Fun Night. I know I sure did. I have a sometimes complicated relationship with Miss Wilson. No, I don’t actually know her and yes, I am aware of that fact. What I mean to say, is that I think she is a super fun lady, one of the few plus sized women really making a go of it in Hollywood and she’s from Australia (I have a soft spot there because it’s my hubby’s homeland), but… I have often been saddened by her endless, ceaseless fat jokes at her own expense. But then again…I do that, too.

Rebel Wilsom 2013 MTV Movie Awards
Hosting MTV’s 2013 Movie Awards
As Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect

Within the first 5 minutes of the show, we saw Rebel in her Spanx…and I laughed…hard.

Super Fun Night

As the show went on to reveal that she’s a sort of fat and charmingly dorky girl who was made fun of in high school with awful stage fright with a love of donuts and a longing for a guy with a sweet accent, my husband felt compelled to ask if this show had secretly been written about me. I’m still not sure how to take that. (only kidding, he meant in with affection)

I read not to long ago, a quote (that of course I can not find right now) from Rebel Wilson to the effect of: as long as I look like this, I’m going to make fat jokes. When I stopped to think about it, she has a point. She is a comedic actress.  It’s part of who she is and she uses it. I can respect that.

Side note:
If you saw Bachelorette, you know that she took it to a different place there.

Rebel Wilson in Bachelorette
I’ve only just noticed that her name is to teeny tiny on the poster 😦

So here’s the thing. Spanx are a very real and often funny part of a plus sized woman’s life. And watching a woman (any woman) trying to wriggle herself into a pair is down right hilarious (watch the very end of episode 1)! Rather than feeling exasperated or even being angry with the fact that the show is using stereotypical fatty typecasting and jokes, let’s just enjoy the damn show. It’s funny. It’s a sitcom, not something showing at Sundance.

I think we in the plus size community (or any under represented community) have a habit of pinning our hopes and dreams as well as fears and insecurities onto our celebrities…feeling like the owe us something. She owes us nothing. Nothing but laughter, which she delivers without fail. I, for one, can’t wait til episode 2.

PS~ Rebel, if (by some miracle) you’re reading this, I adore you!


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