How Do You BeauCoo?

BeauCoo Loading Page

Have you heard of BeauCoo yet? Well, if not, feel free to send me thank you emails, because it is going to rock you fashion and body image world! As I have written about here and here, I am a self proclaimed “Fit Maniac”. One of the biggest challenges to our plus sized lives is getting clothing that fits our bodies right. Especially these days when almost all our shopping is done online, or we find ourselves too hurried to try things on. I am sure you, like me, have purchased many things you thought you’d love only to find out…it just didn’t fit your body the way you’d like. The other big challenge being maintaining a positive state of mind about our bodies in the face of media that tells just about every woman, no matter her size, that her body is just not good enough. Well, fret no longer!

Available for both iOS and Androids this handy lil’ app is not only super useful, but it’s F-R-E-E to boot!! You heard me ladies, free. If you haven’t created your profile yet, it’s time to go do it now. Here’s a wonderful video explain just how and why this amazing app came to be!

My BeauCoo Profile #BoPo #zaftigmichelle
My BeauCoo Profile Page. User name ZaftigMichelle

Using Beaucoo is pretty straighforward, but here’s a photo to help you get used to it.

Beaucoo App How To by
My 4 favorite features

In my opinion, the very best thing about BeauCoo is the “fit” option. When you set up your account you’ll be asked to enter your measurements. I strongly encourage you to bust out the ol’ measuring tape and do this. Once entered, these measurements will allow you to browse by “fit match”. Meaning, you can see other women who’s body shape is like your own! Meaning, you can see what brands and styles might work well for your body with just a scroll through your feed. How very helpful, right? Not into that? Want to see it all? No worries! You can also choose to follow Everyone on BeauCoo (over 12,000 body positive users!!). And of course, Beaucoo is able to find your Facebook pals lickety-split.

Some of my looks on BeauCoo #BoPo

With the exception of their helpful blog (there’s even a plus size section on it!), BeauCoo’s content is entirely user generated. Meaning, the more we upload and share, the better our experience will be! How many of us are sharing OOTDs and styles from fitting rooms on Instagram and Facebook already? Share it on BeauCoo, too and help your sister’s out with style inspiration and fit information!

Some of the users of #BoPo
Just some of the fabulous people I’ve found on BeauCoo


How very excited are you to bet BeauCoo-ing? I’m guessing you’ve already opened a new tab and are setting up your profile at this very moment. As a thank you to you all for reading and using BeauCoo, we have a little contest for you to enter. Follow the steps below for your chance to win a $50.00 gift card to ASOS, courtesy of our friends at’t forget to use #BoPo for your related posts!


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