Cabiria Shows at NYFW. History in the Making.

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Chances are, by now, you know that last week Cabiriawas the first plus size line to be shownat New York Fashion Week. Think about that. The first and only plus size line in the entire 70 years of Fashion Week history. In the past week I have watched from a distance, elated to see this historical event unfold. And if you don’t think this was fashion or size acceptance history in the making, think again. Bloggers, Reporters and Television Stations and from around the globe took notice. Heck, even Jimmy Fallon (or at least one of his writers) took notice and though it worth a mention (4min47sec in).
Cabiria’s style is feminine and a little retro and features impeccable tailoring

I could easily ramble on (for far too long to hold your attention) about how waiting 70 years to see this happen is shameful and clearly the result/example of the societal pressures put on women about our bodies. But I’m not going to do that. What I am going to do is celebrate this moment! We have collectively shouted from the rooftops “We are here! We are fat! Get used to it!” and it seems, at long last, the “powers that be” have started to listen. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in recent plus size fashion history, shall we?

Velvet Walking for Gaultier
5’8″ 250+ pounds of fabulousness strutting it!

2006~Velvet D’Amour walks the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier
2008~Whitney Thompson wins America’s Next Top Model
2011~Vouge Italia’s June cover features not one, but three, plus size model
2011~Marie Claire Magazine adds Nicolette Mason to their staff for “Big Girl in a Skinny World”
May 2013~Jennie Runk is featured by H&M for (of all things) their swimsuit campaign
Sept. 2013~Cabiria shows at New York Fashion Week
Cabiria Designer Eden Miller
I don’t know about you, but I think our plus sized future is looking bright! Who knows what 2014 will hold for us?!? What I do know is that we have so many more fashion and style options than we’ve had before, so we’ll look damn good as we watch it unfold! Miss Eden Miller, the woman who broke down yet another door for us all, I am so very grateful to you!

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