Easy Summertime Make-up

It is just too damn hot. It is especially too hot to anything involved with make-up; it slides right off. However, today I’m popping over to Wet Seal to see the roll out of their plus line. Exciting right? Well, clearly, I can’t roll in all sweaty faced, can I? Here’s what I did:

<img alt="Easy Summer Make-up by Zaftig Times" border="0" height="480" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-9HfVwQv0Vs4/UiEDEy2S51I/AAAAAAAAA_w/cIuKkhroWZk/s640/fr_1309.jpg" title="Clearly, I'm a Benefit fan
Even when it’s hot, moisturizing is must!

The key was to use just a little bit of everything (especially the powder, unless you like making putty on your face) and then BAM slap on a bright lip. Done and done!You can see I also layered my cheek product for a flush and did just about nothing to my eyes.

summer make-up by Zaftig Times


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