5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.

1) My name is Michelle

Most people just know be as “Zaftig”, but I do in fact have a name. My nickname is “Michie” (me-she)

Michelle of ZaftigTimes.com

2) I am obssessive when it comes to being on time.

Maybe it comes from my life in retail, where every minute counts, maybe it comes from my mother being perpetually late (hence making me late) for everything in my youth or maybe it’s just my weird control issues. Whatever it is, I will (barring situations out of my control) always be 10-20minutes early for everything. Coffee date, work, hair appointment, you name it. This is a constant source of irritation for just about everyone in my, I think.

I am very much like The White Rabbit when it comes to being punctual

3) I was on of the original memebers of the team that developed and launched Torrid.

Original Torrid 2001
My store. The way it looked back in the day.

Β It’s been 12 years and this still remains one my biggest accomplishments. I was fortunate enough to be tapped by the founder and CEO in the fall of 2000 (this was before it even had a name!) for a plus size project. Before I knew it, we were in meetings discussing store design, product, fit and how to provide the best service possible to this new and under-served customer. I am proud to say that I literally co-wrote the book when it comes to service for them. We opened the doors to the first location in Brea in 2011 to lines that poured down the hallways of the mall and fitting room filled with women in joyful tears. It was magnificent.

Many women got this tattoo while at Torrid. I am proud to say I was the first. This was done the day before we opened along with my friend and peer Rene who got one as well.

4) I am terrible with money.

Just ask my husband. It’s tragic! I think I’m just too invested in hedonistic pleasures like shopping and coffee and pedicures. To me, these are totally worthy purchases, but it seems that I may, in fact have to “priority” issues.

Pretty much how I giddy I get from a shopping/beauty spree

5) I got married in a drive-thru chapel in Vegas

I met my husband in the Fall of 2009 while he was visiting the states from Australia. We skyped and emailed like mad once he went home. I supose you would call this our dating time. He returned to visit in the Spring of 2010 and it was magic! Just weeks before he was scheduled to return home, we took a weekend trip to Vegas. On our last day there he said the most romantic words he’d ever said to me, “so, you wanna?” and I did! A few hours later we were married atΒ  A Little White Wedding Chapel, because that’s just how we roll.

This is our “wedding portrait”. We took it at the gas station across the street from the chapel.

And there you have it!


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