Product Review: Vita-K Anti Aging Skin Care

Freeman Vita-K Products
Freeman Beauty Vita-K Products Perk’d from Klout

So about a month ago I joined Klout and I have to say I am really enjoying it. It’s a wonderful tool for measuring the impact of my social media posts. Additionally, every now and again, members get “perk’d” (aka~you get free stuff). So far I’ve been offered three perks. The first one was 50 free business cards; I passed. The second was $50.00 off; I passed. The third was a free trial from Freeman Beauty of their Vita-K line. You probably know Freeman from strolls through the beauty section in your local Target or CVS. While this is not a brand I’ve ever had much confidence in, I accepted this perk. As I am indeed getting older and in the market for an inexpensive skin care line, I thought “why not?”.

Upon receiving the package from Klout (which came quickly and nicely packaged) I was surprised to find these were full size bottles of their product. Despite their juvenile packaging for an anti-aging product and my mild contempt for this brand, I proceeded with my trial run. I will give them this: a little of these products goes a loooooooong way. Sadly, that is where my positive feedback must stop. The “crow’s feet” serum felt tight (think about egg whites on your face) and the under eye cream burned my eyes. None of it ever seemed to soak into my skin. Rather than feeling hydrated, my skin felt oily and even dirty all day. I admit, I touched my face a lot in hopes that the residue would disappear. It never did. As these were free products, I felt obligated to continue using them so I could give an accurate review. I used these products for 1 week. I just could not adjust the this feeling and my make-up did not work well while it was on my face. I can not attest to their anti-aging properties, as one week just doesn’t seem enough time to be fair.

Freeman Vita-K Review
The day I started using Vita-K (left) The day I stopped (right)

When it comes to our skin and even our hair, I really do believe that it’s worth investing the money if you can. That’s not to say you have to go but the very best or most expensive. There have been great advancements in beauty and haircare and many brands found in our drugstores are wonderful, as I’m sure you know. Stay within your budgets but remember, you are worth a reasonable investment. As I’ve aged, this is something I have learned. So, as I’m still on the hunt for my anti-aging line I feel a bit like Goldilocks searching for the perfect fit. Not too greasy, not too expensive, but juuuuuust right for me. I’ve just purchased a bottle of Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturizer , maybe this will be the one!

**I want to clearly state that this is just my opinion of this product based on my experience. It’s highly possible that for some people it’s a great line, just not for me.


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