Body Beautiful Beach Bash. A photo review.

Initially, I was going to write a wordy review of our first ever Body Beautiful Beach Bash. Then, I saw the pictures and knew, they’d do a much better job than all my words could ever do.


Our three winners! Prizes generously donated by Black Cat Bikinis, Mindy Kills and Glamourazzi Photography 

I would like to say thank you to my co-hostess, Pia of Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick. I could not and probably would not have been able to do this without you and your brilliance (after all, it was your idea ❤ )! Also, super HUGE thank yous to our three sponsors who generously donated prizes: Black Cat Bikinis, make-up artist extraordinaire Mindy Kills and Melisa Joy Tennies of Glamourazzi Photography. By the way, the photos you see here were almost exclusively taken by Melisa and I am forever grateful!

Michelle of at #bodybeautifulbeachbash


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