LUSH Costmetics Made My Day And Is Nice To Bunnies. My First Product Review.

I’m going to go ahead and assume you know all about LUSH by now. On the off chance you don’t, you can read about their fabulousness here.

Here’s the thing: I had never had the opportunity to take a truly luxurious LUSH bath until this past weekend. We live in an apartment. As we all know, apartment bathtubs are just dandy for kids, but less than relaxing for a zaftig body. Once my lower half in immersed in the tub (hopefully without water having sloshed over the side) all I can do it sit there dry and cold from the belly button up. Maybe if I’m feeling frisky I’ll slide down to warm my top half, of course resulting in my legs pointed up at a near 90 degree angle with my heels resting on the damn wall. This is no way to “relax”. So it always seemed silly to spend money on luxurious bath products, regardless of my admiration for their manufacturer. So last weekend while staying at The Four Seasons Las Vegas, taking a bath was at the top of my list. It also just so happens that there’s a LUSH store right next door at the Mandalay!!! It was a sign!

It’s like shopping in your fairy godmother’s beauty kitchen

Sans husband, I popped into the store, deeply inhaled the mixture of scents in the air (rose, bubblegum, citrus,jasmine, and on and on) and started my leisurely stroll through the store. Before long I was approached by a delightful young lady with lavender hair. She was genuinely friendly and very informed (two things my too many years in retail have engrained into me as must haves for anyone trying to sell me anything). We bonded over Harry Potter briefly and then the bath education began.

My LUSH experience.
One of the big pots of warm water you can use to experiment with

I spent about 30 minutes getting the best arm bath (is that even a thing?) of my life. Bath bombs and bath melts and bubble melts, OH MY! In the end, I chose one Sex Bath Bomb, a Rose Jam Bubble Bar, a Buffy and their original lip balm Lip Service (because let’s face it, it’s Vegas and it is just too damn dry). I also scored some very generous samples, too! Once my purchase was complete I scampered up to my room and began what was to become one of the greatest bathing experiences of my life. LUSH loot
I wish this image was scratch-n-sniff. You’d all be so happy right now.

As you can imagine, I spent way too long in the tub and came out like prune. I could not stop touching and smelling myself all night long. LUSH bath
Pink water, the smell of jasmine and roses, and a tub big enough to sink into = Heaven!

So the next time you find yourself near a tub that suits your body I suggest you hightail it to the closest LUSH shop and go crazy! You (and anyone who’ll be close enough to smell or touch you) will thank me for it.


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