A Fatshionable Evening. Curvy Cocktails with Some Lady Friends.

Last week I shared with you an event a friend and I organized for those of us who didn’t make to FFFW, here. “Curvy Cocktails” was planned with zero budget in under a week. In all honesty, I was fully prepared for it to be just the two of us. That was so not the case!

The ladies of #curvycocktails
Thank you everyone who came for sharing your photos!

Not only did waaayyyy more of you lovely ladies show up than I’d expected, but we sort of OWNED the place! How did we manage to swoop in on about half the VIP section for free? I’m going to tally that up to some sort of electric energy we collectively generated. In a small club in Santa Monica 15 Plus Sized Beauties danced, laughed and charmed our way through the night. Nobody stared at us or made us feel out of place. Quite the contrary, in fact. I assure you, no one was without a dance partner if she wanted one. I can only speak for myself, of course, but what I felt that night was magical. I felt sexy. I felt confident. I felt happy. I felt free. I didn’t even give my sleeveless arms a second thought all night long! Our night ended as mast great nights out do. In a diner, chatting and re-hydrating and celebrating the fun.

Post #curvycocktails chatting

In fact, it was so much fun and such a success, we decided that very night to plan our second event. I can not wait!

#bodybeautiful pool party from the creators of #curvycocktails

You can find information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #curvycocktails.


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