Fabulous and Fatshionable is Wherever You Are!

  So I made a choice a few months ago to not attend Full Figured Fashion Week 2013 and all week long I have been kicking myself in my big butt for it! I’m sure you have seen all the action on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, etc… I was even just re-reading Marcy Guevera’s write up from last year in Marie Claire. Envy. Just green with envy.

Rather than just sit and stew in our juices, my good friend Pia of Curvy,Sexy, Chic suggested we have our own fatshionable celebration. How brilliant is that?!?! So we put our heads together and came up with this:

Curvy Cocktails brought to you by Zaftig Times and Curvy, Sexy, Chic

Now, I’m not posting this is some attempt to self promote. We are not making a dime off this. It just got me thinking. We should all celebrate as often as possible! Can’t make it FFFW, Posh LA, Portland Fashion Week? No problem! Make your own fabulous fatshion event wherever you are! We are a community and as such, we need to bring ourselves together any chance we get!

I apologize for the brevity of today’s post and I promise to update you on this weekend fabulousness early next week. You can also follow the celebration via Instagram using #curvycocktails. If you are putting together your own get together, fashion show, or anything else I’d love to hear about it!


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