5 Things That Make Me Awesome

As a woman and even as a blogger I find myself thinking I should be more this or less that all too often. I admire how bold some people are, how unabashedly vulnerable others can be. I find myself trying to be “better” , more “interesting”, and just plain “more awesome”. Sometimes, these thoughts trip me up and I get tangled in them for days. Other days, I just shrug my shoulders and soldier on. But the kicker is, I rarely find myself acknowledging all the things about me that are great. I suppose a lifetime of training to downplay myself (thank you etiquette and society) has had something to do with it. Nobody likes a bragger, right? In fact, it seems nobody really likes someone who openly loves and respects themselves. We call them conceited, full of themselves, self centered and in some cases sown right deluded! Just a few nights ago I was watching Inside Amy Schumer and saw this very funny take on how we are not allowed to take compliments (let alone give them to ourselves).

I laughed. Hard. Then I really thought about it. That is exactly what I do! I refuse to accept a compliment or I flip it back to the other person. WHY??? There was a time in my life, I’m going to say when I was a out 6 or 7, when I not only took compliments with grace (grace being nodding and saying “I know”) but I gave them to myself on the reg. Admittedly, this may have been perceived as obnoxious behavior, but I felt damn good about myself in my single digit years and why shouldn’t I now? Who decided it was bad form to openly admit we rock? What I’m trying to say is: Let’s face it, ladies, if we’re not tooting our own horn, there’s a pretty big chance nobody else will do it for us. So today I have challenged myself to openly share 5 things about me that make me awesome.

Awesome Point #1: Creativity

I have one of those brains that sees things that a lot of people don’t. I think maybe it has come from needing to make due a lot. I am forever picking up junk and turning it into prettier junk. A few years ago (I didn’t even realize I was doing it at the time) my creative vision lead me to styling over 5 apparel catalogues and multiple seasons of graphic tees for a company where I was hired as a bookkeeper!It did, in fact, turn out that I was only mediocre at the bookkeeping thing, but what can you do, right?

Awesome Point #2: I Made People

Yes, I know, just about all of us have this one. But so what?? My body managed to create two very special, very unique and very funny human beings. Why shouldn’t I claim that awesome point? For that matter, why don’t we all?

Plus Size Awesomeness

Awesome Point #3: I’m Good With Brushes (aka hair&make-up)

When it comes to most things pretty, I am naturally in tune. Make-up and hair came fairly easy to me. I’ve long said that for most of the fat girls of my generation they were our ticket to fitting in. There were no plus size trendy clothing store back then. We had to make due with what we had, and what I had was a plainly clothed body with a head worthy of cake topper status. I was able to turn those skills into a few different career opportunities, too!

Awesome Point #4: I’m a Nice Person

Again, another one that gets overlooked in so many of us. In our society being nice ranks way, way below being hot or rich or snarky. No, I’m not angelically nice, that would be boring. But I do put a conscious effort into kindness. For instance, I’d imagine this blog would get oodles more attention if I were ripping apart people’s fashion choices, life moves or personalities. Who doesn’t enjoy that on some level (think people of Walmart)? However, I choose to be a force of love, acceptance and sisterhood. If there’s a joke to be made at someone’s expense, I will usually make it at my own.

Awesome Point #5: Perseverance

This life of mine has not always been what I would have liked it to be. I have made some poor choices. I have experienced things I would not wish on others. I have felt loss and pain and even desperation. And you know what? I’m still here. More than that, I am thriving. While I’ll admit that a few of this life’s trials and tribulations have knocked me to the ground pretty hard, I have always managed to get myself back up on my feet, dust off the dirt, sprinkle on some glitter and move the fuck on!

Now, it’s YOUR turn! What makes you awesome? Don’t be shy. I want to know. I would be so happy if every one of you who read this just shared one thing about you that makes you awesome. I know you are, you know you are, now let’s tell the world! As for me, I think I’m going to start a running list and keep it on my vanity as a reminder for those days when I’m not feeling my awesome.


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