Meet My 6 Go-To Fatabulous Bloggers

I follow a lot of blogs. I’m betting if you’re reading this, you do to. I am thrilled to share six ladies who I think are truly gifted, passionate and wise. They are each bold, stylish and insightful. They are all unique. They are all worth reading on a very regular basis.

Allow me to introduce:

The Nearsighted Owl

Rachele Cateyes of The Nearsighted Owl

 This woman just keeps me coming back again and again with her never ending hair changes, The Fat Bitch E-Course and especially The Fat Babe Project.

Curvy, Sexy, Chic

Pia of Curvy,Sexy,Chic

Interviews with inspirational curvy women, CHECK! Gallery filled with images supporting and inspired by our curvy bodies, CHECK! Relevant and insightful blog covering an array of topics we all think and talk about, CHECK!  Pia’s blog posts are always articulate and thought provoking. I can never get enough. She’s got it all covered. Bonus points for her shop filled with books just for us at our beautiful fingertips.


The Militant Baker

Jes of The Militant Baker

If you haven’t already heard of Jes’s post “To: Mike Jefferies, c/o Abercrombie&Fitch” , we’ve missed you while you were hiding under a rock with no wifi and welcome back! This woman is so confident, outspoken and creativeI get goosebumps whenever I’m reading her posts. I fell in love with her the first time I stumbled onto her blog. If you’re reading this Jes, I ❤ YOU!


Marcy Guevera of Marcy,Marcy,Marcy

“All things Pretty, Fancy and Fun” is how she describes her blog on her homepage and that just about sums it up. She’s everywhere! TV, Magazines, Festivals, Styling Events…just everywhere! I have never seen her looking less than flawless and that is why she is my go to glamour girl. Did you see her tribute to Gatsby style? Amazeballs!! Oh~and did I mention that she’s super duper nice, too? Well, she is!

Virgie Tovar

Virgie Tovar. ICON

Now, Virgie is not what I’d typically call a blogger. She’s a writer, an activist and coach. She’s outspoken in a way that sometimes makes me blush, often makes me laugh and always makes me think. The idea of loving this body of mine and the woman it houses has been a gift given to me in part by her. Thank you, Virgie. I am in your debt.

Stiletto Siren


Sam of Stiletto Siren

 First things first, she has celebrity status fabulous hair all the time! I mean, look at it. I saved Sam for last because not only is she a great blogger, but she is a good lady. She is always so quick to reply to comments, answer questions and offer support. Isn’t that sort of what we all look for in a life&style blogger? Of course, she does fab. outfit posts, too. She’s the whole package and I love reading everything she writes.

If these six bloggers are not already hooked up to you via your preferred social networks, you go do it right now! I promise, you’ll all thank me later.

Did I leave out your favorite blogger? Tell me who she is! I’d love to know!

*all photos are from the applicable blogger’s blogs


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