With a Great Pair of Jeans I could Rule the World!

I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Sure I love getting all dolled up for a night on the town or a fabulous brunch with my lady friends. Who doesn’t? But when all is said and done I feel the most like myself in a great fitting pair of jeans and an old comfy t-shirt. This is where my affinity for glamourous accessories helps me out, a lot. Not to brag, but my ability to rock this look got me past many work dress code issues; often finding myself the exception to the rules due to my ability to style up just about anything. We all look our best when we feel good, and this is how I feel best!


I am forever on the search for a great fitting pair of jeans. If you follow me on Instagram this probably comes as no surprise. Currently, I’m pursuing a great Boyfriend fit…this one’s taking a while. I’ve been a fan of the Skinny cut since before it was called that. I think it’s the most flattering on me, personally. About 13 years ago I bought a pair of “Backseat Betty” jeans from Z. Cavaricci and it was like we were one…they knew just where to sit on my hips and had the perfect balance of stretch and weight. I should have buried them when I blew out the seam inside my thigh one late summer night rather than chucking them into the trash. I have never found their equal to this day, but the search goes on.

Women’s bodies come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, but it often seems clothing comes in about 4. I’m sort of hourglassy from the front and like the number 8 from the side. This basically means I’m very round with a smaller waist and a BIG butt. Finding bottoms that fit me is ridiculously hard. If they fit my butt and belly I am usually left with a HUGE gap at my waist just above my butt. Many of us have this issue to thank for ass crack and panties showing when we sit down, bend over or even walk sometimes. Plus, I’m not really a belt girl, so cinching them isn’t a good option. I spent many hours in April dressing and undressing in gross messy fitting rooms in pursuit of my dream jeans. Luckily for you, I brought my handy dandy phone along for the ride so I could share the adventure with you, my Zaftig Gals!

I started my search in Macy’s and was terribly disappointed. They were all fairly pricey (no surprise there) and nothing fit well at all!

I actually liked these green jeans from Michael Kohrs for $99.50, but I just knew I’d never really wear them. As for the Seven jeans….no thank you this time.

I tried all jeans on in a size 18 and I was really shocked by the fit here. These $99 Lucky Brand jeans were HUGE on me in every way. If you’re tall, this might be a great brand for you.

I actually liked these jeans from Hydraulic for $64, but the rear view just didn’t do me justice. It is worth mentioning that they were CRAZY comfortable.

I was so discouraged. If these “designer label” jeans couldn’t make my booty sing, what would? Cue: Forever 21!

These are both the same jeans, just different washes and length. The darker wash is their regular length and the lighter one (on the right) is the “short” one. 

Just $14.80 for a dreamy pair of jeans that cradle my butt and fit just right?!?!? YES PLEASE! I know just last week I was singing the fight song for our indie designers and I stand by it. However, as I said in that very post, if the price is right….well, you do what you gotta do. I’ve worn them twice now and I just love them. One note: they are super stretchy and a little thin, these aren’t going to last forever, but I’ll get my money’s worth from the for sure!


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