Vintage Inspired Plus Size Fashion From Kristin Miles

It’s been four days since my visit and I am still reeling from the beautiful plus size fashions at the Kristin Miles studio. Nestled discreetly in LA’s garment district, Kristin Miles has set up shop along with her sister company Freeway (their straight sized junior line). Although surrounded by storefront after storefront featuring mannequins donning leggings paired with anything neon and sequined it’s easy to see why they’ve found such success. The showroom has a simple and fresh feeling that sets them miles (no pun intended) apart from their neighbors.

During my visit I was even fortunate enough to meet brand owner, Yul Kwon. You’ll be pleased to know that he was as fun and wonderful as the clothes!

I was absolutely beside myself. Talk about a kid in a candy store! As you can see there were racks filled with delights in my size! I’m pretty sure the delightful Daniella (my guide on this adventure) was a little thrown by my obvious glee. I could not stop flitting from rack to rack like a little bee in a rose garden. What can I say? I love me some fashion!

Imagine my joy when I found this romantic lace cape that I’ve been eying on-line for the past month. Not only is it beautiful, but the quality and feel of this garment was astounding. I am pretty sure I could live in this. Here’s a close up photo of the detail work.

Designer Christina Kwon seems to always be working on something new. The 40’s style dress below is a new addition to the line. At the time of my visit it was not even up on the website yet, but I was assured it will be available for your purchasing pleasure very soon.

Here Christina answers a few questions for us:

Zaftig: “How would you define the style your line exemplifies?”

Christina: “Kristin Miles is not any one particular style which is why we can provide for all different types of clients. This year though the line definitely started to go into a girly vintage type of look.”

Zaftig: “Which trends do you think will be big in 2012?”

Christina: “Although lace and neutrals almost seem to be a huge trend year round, those will most likely be big this summer. Kristin Miles
 usually does very well with cute lace fabrics or 
crochet so 2012 may just be working in our favor.”
Zaftig: “Why did you choose to change the 
company’s name from Missphit to Kristin Miles? 
How has that change effected you?”
Christina: “Missphit has been our name for many 
years but we recently went through a change in 
look and style and revamped the whole line. 
So since we changed the face of Missphit we 
thought it needed a more classy cute name to fit 
with all the new looks.The name change has not 
effected business much but it definitely was a 
transition getting websites changed and links 
connected from all our old sites.”
Zaftig: “What’s next for Kristin Miles?”
Christina: “More clothes!!”
 Zaftig: “Where can readers find out more about you 
and your work?”
Christina: “Right now we don’t have a blog but in the 
process of working on one. Our facebook page is the
only thing up and running that you can catch and 
discount or news about new merchandise.”
I must say this visit was the highlight of my week and I look forward to visiting again very soon!

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