High Heels and the Plus Size Gal

 Jimmy Choo, Luoboutin, Manolo…oh how I lust for thee. So beautiful, so daring, so glamorous! In my dreams, these are the where my feet live.

This is because in my dreams there is no gravity.

In my waking hours I have weak ankles, wide feet and a propensity for falling down…a lot. I vividly remember being in 5th grade and being so enamored with a pair of glorious red cowboy boots that I wore them with everything. The luster, the stitching…the heel. I was in love. As with all love affairs, once reality set in the obvious flaws began to surface. To start with, my toes wear pinched by that trademark pointy toe~Ouchie. They made my feet sweat, but hey I was a kid and who really cared? Most drastically, I could not stay upright whilst living my hectic 5th grader lifestyle in them. I have the scars on both knees to prove it. Despite all the drawbacks, I wore those suckers until my mother was forced to give them to the Goodwill in her best effort to stop the foot binding project I would need to continue wearing them. As a side note, I would like to add that my mother also had a pair of these sinister but oh so fetching boots that caused her to fall down three times in one trip to the grocery store!

Of course,like most women, I have often endured the excruciating pain from a fabulous pair of shoes as the trade off for the feeling of glamour and glory. I won’t lie; I love the gait I exhibit from walking in heels. I love the looks and the “OMG where did you get those?!?!”. But at what cost? Is it really worth enduring pain and possible disfigurement for fashion? Yes…sometimes.

This weekend I conducted a little experiment. While celebrating Cinco de Mayo with my hubby I vowed to wear heels for as long as I could. And I did. For exactly 2 hours 19 minutes and 31 seconds. In truth, I could have gone a bit longer. And I cheated…sort of. I wore a darling pair of ivory Aerosoles . I know, I know not exactly fashion forward. But you know what? I felt darn sexy in those lil’ pumps! And since my feet weren’t screaming in agony it was really rewarding.

Not that I’m ever going to be one of those women who fabulously flaunts her haute heels daily, I may indeed rock some cute and comfy heels again from time to time. Here are a few I think I might be in love with:

Mariela Air Open Toe Colehaan.com

Ticker Tape Pump aerosoles.com

St Malo Heel sofftshoe.com (Nike Air Technology in these bad boys!)

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2 thoughts on “High Heels and the Plus Size Gal

  1. I was surprised I lasted that long too! It was only because I wore rubber soled heels. The good news is that it looks like lower heels are coming into fashion soon. I'm hoping to see them for Fall.

    Thanks for the comment =)


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